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The purpose of this questionnaire is to test the students prior knowledge before starting to teach

the unit organic chemistry given in Cambridge GCE O level 5070 chemistry syllabus.
Answer all the questions. For some of the question choose the most suitable answer that you feel
as the correct answer and circle the letter.
1. What type of bond is formed between C-C.?
A. Ionic bond
B. Covalent bond
C. Metallic bond
D. None of the above
2. Which of the following is describes the term oxidation.

A. Gain of hydrogen and gain of electron

B. Loss of hydrogen loss of oxygen
C. Gain of oxygen and loss of hydrogen
D. Gain of electron and loss of oxygen
3. What will be the balanced product(s) of the following reaction?

CH4 + 2 O2

A. CH4O4
B. CO2 + 2 H2O
C. C + H4O4
D. C + H2 + O2
4. Which four quantities a, b, c and d are required to balance the equation ...
aC3H8(g) + bO2(g) cCO2(g) + dH2O(l) ?
A. 3 3 4
B. 5 3 4
C. 10 4 6
D. 5 2 3

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5. What would you decrease, to decrease the kinetic energy of particles involved in a
chemical reaction?

6. Which beaker shows a weak acid?


Which of the following is true as a liquid changes to a solid in freezing?

A. energy change is endothermic
B. particles gain freedom
C. increase in particle order
D. temperature falls
E. temperature rises

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Which of the elements listed is a Halogen?

A. element G
B. element Q
C. element Z
D. element R

9. i) Fill blanks.
Sodium hydrogen carbonate + hydrochloric acid ===>
?________________ + ?_________________ + ?________________
10. Write the above equation using symbols and balance the equation with state symbols!

End of questionnaire

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