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Agenda Points

1. Station layout to be discussed and finalized

2. Size ( outer dimensions) of concrete barrel at MIV floor and Turbine
3. Cooling water system : Location of Inlet and outlet tappings
4. Size of MIV hatch from assembly considerations
5. Extent of approach of cranes ( BFV cavern and power house cavern)
6. Upstream extent of MIV inlet pipe and size of niche
7. Upstream & downstream extents of BFV inlet & outlet pipe (price
implication for additional length beyond 2mtrs)
8. Runner removal scheme- size, location, height of passage/hatch size
9. Turbine pit entrance- size and location
10. Bottom level, size and location of dewatering gallery
11. Size and location of Material removal hatch over the head stock
valve in dewatering gallery
12. Turbine floor may be lowered by 2 mtrs.
13. Tail race flood level to be informed by MS.
14. Spacing of columns to be discussed
15. Location of thrust collar for penstock valve and MIV