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Civil Rights Cases

Objective 4:Legal Activities/Court Cases

Using the court case list provided, pick a case and find the following things:
Primary source- someone who was part of the case
Secondary source- someone writing about the case
Using both documents review and outline the case, making sure to discuss the
impact of the case both THEN and NOW.

Time to Challenge the Court

NAACP: National Association for the Advancement of
Colored People
Main group leading the fight for desegregation
Thurgood Marshall:
- NAACP attorney
- Most well known for key
victory in Brown v. Board
- 1st African American Supreme
court justice

Brown v. Board of Education

1954: Linda Browns father charged school w/violating Lindas
rights by denying entry into school
White school 4 blocks away, black school 21 blocks away
Court ruled in favor of Brown saying the segregated schooling
violated 14th Amendment
Meant ALL schools must desegregate

Reaction to Brown v. Board Decision

Met with great resistance in many Southern states
Little Rock Nine: 1957, Gov. of Arkansas sent National Guard to
keep 9 African American students from entering high school
Eisenhower forced to take control of National Guard
Students received tremendous harassment
The people of Georgia will not comply with
the decision of the court.Were going to do
w/e is necessary in Georgia to keep white
children in white schools and colored children
in colored schools.
~ Gov. of Georgia (Herman Talmadge)

Primary Source
Little Rock Nine
Letter from Mayor of Little
Rock, Arkansas to President
Eisenhower regarding the mob
situation and the safety of the
African American students going
to Central High School
Mayor Woodrow W. Mann is
letting Eisenhower know that he
will help at all costs but that
under the current condition it is
not safe for the students to be at
the school because Governor is
trying to stop them

Secondary Source Little Rock Nine

Article from the History
Channel Website regarding
the Little Rock Nine and the

Continued Desegregation
Response to Little Rock Nine:
Sept 1957 Congress passes Civil Rights Act of 1957: gave attorney
general greater power over school segregation/ gave federal govt
more power over violation of African American voting rights
Pushed through by Texas Senator Lyndon B. Johnson

Integrating Ole Miss

Sept 1962 James Meredith won federal court case that
would allow him to attend all-white University of
Mississippi(Ole Miss)
Gov. Barnett refused to let him register
Kennedy order Marshals to escort Meredith to registrars office
Riots broke out in protest (2 deaths)
200 arrests, 15 hours to stop rioters

Weebly Access
All the power point information and example can be found on
the Weebly

Objective 5: Civil Rights Today Using the list provided choose a current civil rights issue today
and do the following things:
Link to current event, along with summary IN YOUR OWN WORDS
Who was involved, what is issue, why is it considered a Civil Rights Issue

Show similarities of current event to Civil Rights Movement

Show impact and how the nation responded to event
This can include new laws/acts in place, cultural impact, discrimination &