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Trc 23h ngy 12/12/2014

+ Lu lm trong 20 pht

The figures compare teen boys in two different age groups in terms of their
involvement in several sporty activities in UK in the year 2010. Overall, the 6-to-11year-old boys played sports more than their elder counterparts and football was
overwhelmingly the most participated kind of sport.

In UK, 87 % of the boys who were 6-11 years old played football, whereas the
figure for the group of 12-16-year-old boys were 9% lower, about 78%. With respect
to basketball, the proportion of school boys who were under 12 years old
participating in this kind of physical activity in 2010 was slightly more than onethird, at 35%. Meanwhile, just a quarter of the 12-16 aged boys in UK were
involved in basketball. While approximately one-third of the UK male students who
were 12-16 years old took an interest in cricket, 45% of the boys in the other group
participated in this kind of competitive sport.
The participation in rugby and swimming of both groups was less than the
other kinds of sport. The percentage of students playing rugby in two groups was
less than 25%, about 21% and 23% for the older group and the younger group,
respectively. Significantly, in the year 2010, the proportion of school boys in the UK
who participated in swimming was just 19% for both groups.