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For todays class, build on your feature idea from the last class and develop a pitch letter to a
reporter or editor. You may work solo or with someone else.
First thing to do is identify who youre going to pitch to both the media outlet and the
individual. Its gotta go to someone specific or itll go into the black hole of Neverland. So, if
youre pitching to the DTH, find out who the feature editor is and address your letter to that
person. Also consider magazines or blogs that might want to know about the topic.
Next, draft the letter use the business letter format (kinda like the example that follows) and go
for it! Remember to get to the point in the first sentence why are you writing? Then build your
case. Should be no more than one page news folks get a lot of proposals, so its imperative that
you keep it short and sweet. Holler if questions.

Fill Your Bucket List Foundation

P.O. Box 806
Cary, NC 27512
April 13, 2015
Carolina Woman
1506 E. Franklin St., Suite 103
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Dear Ms. Simon:
We are writing to propose a feature story about the growing correlation between cancer and depression and one
local womans efforts to bring joy back into cancer patients lives.
According to the National Cancer Institute, approximately 15-25 percent of cancer patients face depression. The
North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services estimates that depression will affect more than
14,000 individuals fighting cancer in North Carolina this year. In Carolina Womans circulation area alone,
more than 2,000 women are expected to fight both cancer and depression in 2015. Research indicates that those
who suffer from both diseases often feel helpless about lifes meaning, consider themselves a burden to their
caretakers and experience a reduced quality of life.
Peggy Carroll knows about the connection between mental health concerns and cancer firsthand. Doctors
diagnosed her father, Chuck Gibson, with late-stage lung cancer in 2008, which dealt a deep emotional blow to
their family. Despite their sadness, the pair watched the 2007 film The Bucket List, and then they got to work
lifting Chucks spirits by making his own list. In 2014, Peggy created an organization to boost the morale of
cancer patients in the Triangle by granting them a wish that allows them to take a vacation from cancer.
We would be happy to connect you with Peggy as well as previous wish recipients for interviews. We can also
provide you with contact information for local oncologists and psychologists who can talk to you more about
the link between cancer and depression.
We will follow up with you on Friday. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at
fillyourbucketlist@gmail.com. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Best regards,
Public Relations Interns Lauren Odomirok and Mary Taylor Renfro
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
laodomirok@gmail.com; 704-928-6342
mrenfro@live.unc.edu; 513-226-3958