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Renewable Resources

Course Syllabus
Course Description:
Students will take on the role of Renewable Resources Specialist as they develop
the skills necessary for being successful in the field. Much of the students time will be
spent researching and constructing renewable energy devices. Students will learn
through project based learning experiences, classroom discussion, and laboratory based
experimentation. Students will monitor a variety of variables to control the growth of
both plant and animal life. Highly qualified student may receive NCCER accreditation in
both Electrical 1 and Alternative Energy 1.

Prerequisite: Completion of NCCER Core Curriculum (year 1).

Major curriculum topics:

o Energy Essentials
o Sustainable Agriculture
o Hydroponics and Aquaponics
o Monitoring and Control Systems
o Non-renewable vrs. Renewable Resources
o Sustainability and Energy Alternatives
o Bio-Diesel and Bio-Gas

Required Advanced Courses: All Renewable Resources students will be

required to take advanced courses in NCCER Electrical 1 and Welding

Course objectives:

1. Students will learn the skills and workplace responsibilities necessary to

secure a position as a Renewable Resources Specialist.
2. Participants will experience the chain of command hierarchy common in
the construction industry, through the implementation of work-crews led
by student foreman.
3. Each student will exhibit critical thinking strategies that will involve the
use of basic and specialty tools.
4. Course participants will use mathematical and scientific principles for
solving problems presented in class.
5. The learner will be able to explain the theory of operation of multiple
energy production systems.
6. Class members will demonstrate a complete understanding in using
precision measuring tools.

Student Responsibilities:

Students are expected to be in their seats and on time for the start of
every class.


Students will be prepared for class and bring all necessary materials.

3. Class members will demonstrate an interest in learning by being attentive

during class and will also take part in discussions.
4. All out of class work will be handed in on time, with correct punctuation
and grammar.
5. Each student will wear safety glasses and personal protective equipment
throughout all work periods and follow all safety rules within the lab.
6. Each student will assist in class cleanup until the lab is back its original

Assessment of student achievement will be accumulated under the following criteria:

As with all majors in the EnCon class grades will be given based on participation,
completion of quarterly projects, and written tests.
Participation grades will be assigned daily by the student's foreman, or in the case of a
foreman, the grade will be given by the instructor. Participation grades are on a scale of 1
thru 6 with a 0 being given if a student is not in attendance.
As per the EnCon grading policy, if a student is in attendance and is given a 3 or less, the
student must be informed of the grade and the reason for the grade by the foreman. The
student can appeal the grade to the instructor if they think the grade is not warranted.
The participation grades amount to 60 % of the students quarterly total, with the
remaining 40% divided between the projects and any tests given.
Because of the weight given to participation grades, if a student misses more than 7 days
in a quarter, they automatically fail. Additionally, it is nearly impossible for a student to
pass if they do not turn in their quarterly project.

Adam Cancio
Environmental Conservation
H.F.M. BOCES Career & Technical Education Center
Phone 518-736-4330 EXT. 4378
Fax 518-736-4331