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Lesson Plan

Subject & Topic: Reading 4-3-1 Ants

Page: 76

James R. Wallbaum
Date: 2/3/14
Time Required: 40 mins

CCSS Informational Text 1: Quote accurately from a text when explaining
what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text.
CCSS Informational Text 2: Determine two or more main ideas of a text and
explain how they are supported by key details; summarize the text.
Learning Objectives:

The students will be able to glean information from a graphic source in

order to support their reading.
The students will be able to identify a main idea and at least two
supporting ideas for that main idea.

Reading packet pages 269, 271.
Academic discussions.
Adaptations and Accommodations:
Use multiple learning styles: auditory, visual, and text.
Reading Street, vocabulary word cards, projector, reading packet, vocabulary
handout, video from Reading Street online resource
Academic Language:
Adaptations, Predators, Defenses, Fearsome, Critical, Enables, Mucus, Scarce,
Specialize, Sterile
Anticipatory Set:
Concept talk: How do animals adapt to survive? After we discuss, show
Statement of Objective or Purpose:
Today we are introducing the story Exploding Ants, and we will look at
amazing words, vocabulary words, the comprehension strategy of graphic
sources, as well as determining important ideas.

Sequence of Activities:

Concept talk: How do animals adapt to survive?

Show Concept video
Introduce Amazing Words: Adaptations, Predators, Defenses, Fearsome
Introduce Story Vocabulary:
o Hand out vocabulary sheet
o Students take a couple minutes to write one word definitions or
draw a picture
o Model saying the word fluently
o Have students share their definitions and pictures
o Give correct definition
Watch video on graphic sources
Talk about important ideas and graphic sources, on page 78
Read passage on page 79
Model using the graphic source and pulling out main idea
Assign pages 269 and 271 in the reading packet

Questions to ask:

How do animals adapt to survive?

Describe a strategy to use a graphic source while reading.
How could you use a graphic source to record information?

Conclusion and Summary:

Today we learned how to use graphic sources, as well as introduced
vocabulary. Tomorrow we will have a chance to read Exploding Ants.
Self Evaluation and Reflection:
I initially thought this lesson wasnt going well. I think I had some confidence
issues because it was my first time teaching reading. Mark, however, told me
that he thought it was a good lesson, and not just for a student teacher, but
for any teacher. This gave me a little more confidence that I had prepared