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John Noel Aniban

Address: 17 Ogilvie Close, Red Deer, AB T4P 3X7

Home: 403-302-2681 | Cell: 403-307-1093
Email: Noel_Aniban08@yahoo.ca

Job Objectives
I am an autonomous, ambitious, and hardworking high school student eager to utilize my organizational
and communication skills to provide the services necessary to produce the utmost best results. I am keen
to further advance my knowledge, experience, and skills in the retailing industry.

Work Experience
Time Hortons
Front/Cashier Staff -

Address: 6620 Orr Drive (67 Street), Red Deer, AB T4P 3V8
Phone: 403-341-3561
Oct 10, 2012 April 4, 2015

Duties and Responsibilities:

-Operated a cash register for cash and credit card transactions with 100% accuracy.
-Stocked and replenished merchandise according to store merchandising layouts.
-Provide quick, excellent, and friendly service to best satisfy the customers.
-Help out team members that would overall improve the store's efficiency.
-Use time efficiently when not serving customers, this includes cleaning, restocking and, reorganizing.
-Resolved customer complaints in a professional manner while prioritizing customer satisfaction.
-Determined customer needs by asking relevant questions and listening actively to the responses.

Key Skills
Organizational Skills Worked at a fast-paced environment that required employees to constantly
restock products to keep up with consumer demands while maintaining the workplace clean. Additionally,
I am experienced working outside at a construction site where maintaining a clean and hazard-free work
site is necessary.

Communication Skills I am a Filipino-Canadian that is fluent in both English and Tagalog. My

strong communication skills have been refined over the years of working as front staff employee to
effectively communicate with customers.

Adaptability I am a flexible person that can respond and adapt well to changing circumstances,
embrace new ideas, and resourceful. I have worked outside at a construction site with different kinds of
weather conditions including rain and snow.

Intrapersonal Skills I have extensive experience working in a group and handling customers which
has helped me develop strong intrapersonal skills. I get along well with others and conduct myself to
perform with the utmost professionalism.

Grade 6: Best in Science Award
Grade 9: Seniors Basketball St. Thomas Tournament (First Place)
Lindsay Thurber Tournament (Third Place)
NCJAA Tournament (First Place)
Acquired First-Aid Training
Participated in Fall-Protection Awareness Training
Completed Alberta Construction Safety Association Online Course
Four-Time Tim Hortons Part-Time Employee of the Month

cole Secondaire Notre Dame High School
Address : 50 Lees Street, Red Deer, AB T4R 2P6
Phone : 403-342-4800
Fax : 403-343-2249
From : September 2012 Expected Completion June 2015

Relevant Courses :
Building Opportunities 10 (House Construction)
Building Opportunities 20 (House Construction)
Building Opportunities 30 (House Construction)

Personal Data
Complete Name : John Noel Abordo Aniban
Date of Birth : April 8, 1997
Age : 18
Place of Birth : Sta. Cruz, Manila, Philippines
Gender : Male
Citizenship : Filipino-Canadian
Interests : Basketball, Puzzles, Internet Surfing

Character References
Elnor Iloso

Assistant Manager

Co-Worker/Tim Hortons
Phone : 403-341-3561

Mike Vanlanduyt

High School Teacher

Construction Teacher/Notre Dame

Phone : 403-358-8167