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Modern Belief Systems Exam

Read First
You will have entire class period to finish the exam. Answer each
question to the best of your ability. Read and follow instructions
for each section. Use a separate sheet of paper to mark your
answers; make certain answers a clear and legible with question
numbers as well as your response. If you complete the exam early,
you may read quietly or work on homework. Be respectful of
classmates who may still be working on the exam. Good luck and have
Multiple Choice: 25 Questions 2 Points Each
Write in the best answer of the four options provided. Use capital
letters to answer each question. You know this stuff!
1. What is the oldest major religion in the world?
A. Judaism
B. Buddhism
C. Hinduism
D. Islam
2. What is the Sacred Text of Judaism?
A. The Prophets
B. Quran
C. Koran
D. Torah
3. In which belief system do Christianity and Islam find their origins?
A. Judaism
B. Polytheism
C. Sikhism
D. Confucianism
4. Who is considered the son of God in Christianity?
A. Jesus
B. Paul
C. Abraham
D. Muhammad
5. What is the building called in which Muslims pray?
A. Temple
B. Veda
C. Mosque
D. Church

6. What is the sacred text of Islam?

A. Quran
B. Bible
C. Torah
D. Vedas
7. Which belief system has the most followers?
A. Islam
B. Christianity
C. Hinduism
D. Sikhism
8. Which religion do we find the origins of yoga?
A. Buddhism
B. Hinduism
C. Islam
D. Judaism
9. Who is the founder of Islam?
A. Siddhartha Gautama
B. Ismael
C. Abraham
D. Muhammad
10. Which faith does not have a noted founder?
A. Islam
B. Buddhism
C. Hinduism
D. Judaism
11. What is the sacred text of Hinduism known as?
A. Vedas
B. Torah
C. Koran
D. The Work
12. Which prophet is chiefly credited with the spread of Christianity?
A. Peter
B. Paul
C. Mathew
D. John

13. What is the worlds first monotheistic religion?

A. Islam
B. Christianity
C. Buddhism
D. Judaism
14. Which major belief system does not have a god?
A. Hinduism
B. Judaism
C. Islam
D. Buddhism
15. Which belief system is polytheistic?
A. Buddhism
B. Hinduism
C. Judaism
D. Islam
16. Who is rich prince that founded Buddhism?
A. Veda
B. Abraham
C. Siddhartha Gautama
D. Remus
17. What is the sacred text of Christianity?
A. Bible
B. Torah
C. Koran
D. Quran
18. Which belief system started in modern-day Nepal?
A. Judaism
B. Hinduism
C. Buddhism
D. Islam
19. Which city is most highly revered for Muslims?
A. Kabaa
B. Bedouin
C. Bethlehem
D. Mecca

20. What does samsara mean?

A. Liberation
B. Karma
C. Reincarnation
D. Soul
21. The interpretation of which Arabic word is responsible for many
A. Sharia
B. Jihad
C. Mosque
D. Medina
22. Which faith is represented by the symbol of the cross?
A. Christianity
B. Islam
C. Judaism
D. Buddhism
23. Which major belief system has the fewest number of followers?
A. Christianity
B. Islam
C. Hinduism
D. Judaism
24. Abraham is the founder of which religion?
A. Judaism
B. Buddhism
C. Hinduism
D. Islam
25. Which belief system practiced Mosaic Law?
A. Christianity
B. Islam
C. Judaism
D. Muslim

Short Answer: 5 Questions 3 Points Each

Read each question carefully and answer to your best ability. Answers
must be thorough and in complete sentences. Responses should be 12 sentences. Write as legibly as possible, if I cant read it you will lose
points! Go get em!
26. Name 3 of the 5 Pillars of Faith in Islam?
27. Which city is highly revered by the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim
28. Which belief system believes in the idea of Nirvana?
29. Which belief systems are monotheistic?
30. Name the five most popular religions in the world.
Fill in the Blank: 10 Blanks 1 Point Each
Fill in the blanks of the following paragraph with the appropriate words
from the word bank. Answers should coincide with numbers 26- 35 on
your answer sheet. Not all words will be used.
Hinduism Word Bank:
The Vedas


Caste System

The belief system of Hinduism was founded in the

modern-day nation of _____31______. A collection of writings
became the sacred text of this faith, they came to be known as
_____32_____. Hindus believe that each person has an ____33____,
or soul. This soul goes through a continuous birth, death, and
rebirth cycle, known as ______34_____. They believe that a
persons status and position in the next life is based on their
______35____. If a person achieves their personal ____36_____ in a
life they can reach ______37_____, or liberation from the rebirth
cycle. If this liberation is achieved ones soul can fully be
unified or joined with ____38____. These ideas helped to
promote and strengthen the ____39____, a means of social

control and categorization. Similar of these same ideas of

Hinduism are shared in the faith of _____40_____.

Essay: 3 Questions 10 Points Each

Answer each of the following questions to the best of your ability.
Answer each portion of the question. Answers must be 3-8 full
sentences. Follow the rubric for grading criteria. You may use a
separate sheet of paper or the back of the exam if you need more
room for your responses. Utilize critical and analytical thinking skills.
Show how much youve learned!
41. Write about the spread of each of the five major belief systems we
have discussed in this unit. Make sure to touch on each aspect of the
spread of each belief system.
42. How do these belief systems affect our world today?
43. Why is religion important?

Bonus Questions:
44. What is the name of the black box in the middle of the temple in
45. Which religious leader practiced a religion other than the one they
are most associated with?
46. Describe the Caste system of Hindu culture.