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FaPha Delta on the Loose!

We were the last to submit our group directory, but who knows? We did an epic
job on choosing a group name. FAPHA DELTA! Its quite funny though, we didnt
even notice that the word FaPha was there at all!
To be of service is not an obligation, but rather, a grace. It is a gift because when
we are able to serve, it implies that we as the servants have something which the
served does not have may it be in terms of money, knowledge, experience, or
other non-tangible things. We, the FaPha Deltas, hence, are instruments to make
the served feel as someone who is worthy of being a recipient of our care, time, and
Our whole year in service in the NSTP allowed us to ponder on a lot of things. We
are expected to be in the frontiers. Being able to share what we know to a complete
stranger seems to be very hard in the first few minutes of our field work. It is
difficult to convince someone, especially if that person is older than you, that what
you say is right and important. But because of our willingness to educate people, we
were able to overcome the fears of humiliation or worse, rejection.
One year would never suffice for us to be able to say that we have made a
difference. But the least that we can say is that rest assured, we were able to
educate and inspire people in our little ways. And even when NSTP is over, there are
still a lot of venues where we can commit ourselves in service despite the odds. We
will not stop serving, not unless no one is left to be served.
Join us in tracing back our journey as you flip through the pages of this
magazine. We are FaPha Delta!