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Garet Sagami


Journal 1
The first day in class with Mr. West was mainly just observation and showing us
around the gym and the procedure of how to enter the school and signing in with the front
office. Some of the activities that we started off with the class were walking around the
gym in a big circle to get warmed up. Next we started with basketball and how to dribble
and pass. I helped demonstrate to the class the proper form of dribbling a basketball as
well as how to pass with a partner.
The thing I learned about myself today was how capable I was to go into a new
school and just start working with students on different activities. I also learned
something about the students and that was how they all wanted to be friendly and know
my name and be interactive with me.
When Mr. West was teaching basketball, I learned that he was able to get through
what he wanted to do with the students and not make it to complex. For instance when
dribbling he did the right hand the left hand and then to walk while dribbling. It was easy
for some students and a little difficult for others. I enjoyed helping the students who were
having trouble and show them how to make it easier for them and eventually they were
able to do the task efficiently.
Overall I believe that my impression on the school of Hempstead High School is
that it is much bigger than the high school I attended and has a lot to offer for the
students. Overall with the physical education setting I believe that it well help me better
myself as a physical education teacher in many different ways. It will help me work with
adapted students and give me experience for when I have to teach a class of my own
some day. I believe that this experience will be greatly beneficial and I will enjoy every
minute of it.

Garet Sagami
9/16/14 9/17/14
Journal 2

Some of the activities that I was able to partake in included hula hooping and
scooters. For hula hooping the students had to get with a partner and walk around the
gym holding onto it with their hands. Next the students had to walk with the partner with
the hula hoops at their feet with a partner around the gym. After they were able to
accomplish that task Mr. West lined the students up and had them all connect at the feet
with hula hoops and walked together as a big group. I thought it was pretty cool to see all
the students working together to accomplish the task given to walk together while staying
connected by the hula hoops.
The next activity was working with scooters. Mr. West had cones set up in lines
for students to go in between them while using the scooters. The students would be
pushed by the helpers on the scooters as well as using there hands and lying on their
stomachs to go in between the cones down and back.
Some of the activities that I helped perform with the students were to sit on the
scooters and show them the correct way to push themselves as well as how to push a
partner that is on the scooters. The high school helping students were there to help the
students push them and look after them so the adapted physical education students would
stay on task.
Some things that I learned about myself were that I was capable of working with
the students and I was able to help Mr. West with demonstration even if I wasnt the best
at hula hooping. I learned to get out of my comfort zone when working with students that
I am not quite familiar with. I will work my best to get acquainted and learn the names of
all my students I am helping that will make a better teacher student relationship.
While helping the students and the teacher I learned something about teaching
with the students, and that was that the adapted students learned better when they had a
helper to show them the correct way of performing the task. Also the students learned
better with cues that were short and to the point.
My overall impression of the first real week of working with the students was that
it was going to be a great semester of helping teach the adapted physical education class
at Hempstead High School. I enjoyed learning some of the students names, I am still
working on remembering everyones. Also the activities we work on with the students
are fun and get the students moving and being active. I cant wait to come back next time
to see the activities we will work on with the students and to help better myself as a

Garet Sagami
9/23/14- 9/24/14

Journal 3

The few classes last week were very enjoyable and had lots of fun with the
students. There were plenty of fun activities that Mr. West came up with for the adapted
students. Some of the activities included in class had to do with stations and striking.
There were three stations that I helped set up for Mr. West and the three stations included
hockey, baseball and badminton. The hockey station is the one I taught and I showed the
students how to hold the sticks and to control the ball with the stick. Next they learned
how to pass the ball to a partner and finally how to shoot the ball against the wall.
The next the baseball station was striking the ball off the tee and the final station
was badminton but hitting balloons with the rackets to make it easier for the students to
control. The students did a wonderful job listening and performing the tasks that were
given for that day.
Next day the students started off by warming up doing different types of push-ups
sit ups and jogging laps based on rolling two big dice to see how many they would have
to do. After warming up the students would work on using noodles for the day. They
worked on holding them and running around with a partner, and then they worked on
throwing them with a partner. Finally they were able to play a sharks and minnows type
of game with the noodles, tagging the students as they ran from one end of the gym to the
On these days I learned more about myself as a physical education teacher. I
learned that I was able to help teach them during the stations and help them when they
needed it. Also my communication skills are getting better with the students knowing
their names and how well they understand the activities that I taught.
I learn more information about teaching each day I spend with the adapted
students. How well they understand concepts, and the different activities that we teach
them show me how to change my teaching or what I need to work on for next class. I
believe that each day I grow and obtain information from Mr. West because he is such a
great teacher and shows us what to do and how to do it that will help me become a better
My overall impressions of these couple classes are that I am getting more
comfortable with them and working with the students is enjoyable each day. I believe the
classes are going smoothly and the students are getting comfortable with me being there
as a helping teacher.

Garet Sagami
10/7/14 - 10/8/14

Journal 4

The first day last week that I attended the class Mr. West said we were
going to work with the parachute today. I remember working with parachutes in my
classes last semester with other students and they really enjoyed it. To start the class we
had them walk around the gym like any other class while listening to music. This helps
the students warm up and be ready for activity. Next he had his students gather around in
a circle and have different students roll the two dice to see how many push-ups, laps
jumping jacks, and sit ups the students would perform.
Then they were able to start with the parachute activities. He first had them walk
around in a circle both ways incorporating simple skills like skipping and galloping while
holding onto the parachute.
Next the students used some tennis balls to play popcorn and move the balls into a circle.
Lastly the students were able to play a little cat and mouse game with the parachute. One
student was the cat and the other would be the mouse, the mouse would go under the
parachute while the cat would be on top and would try and catch the mouse but it would
be difficult because he students around the parachute would hide the mouse by lifting up
and down to make waves. They really enjoyed the game and working with the parachute.
The next class was the day I was able to teach my lesson plan to the students on
kicking soccer balls. First we played a tag game called hospital tag to get the students
moving. Then they worked with partners and passing back and forth. After that they got
to play some games including a relay game and a knock down game. They enjoyed
knockdown the most because they got to shoot the balls at pins and make it a competition
against other classmates. I believe my lesson went very well and the students had fun
while getting lots of physical exercise.
What I learned about myself was that I am becoming more of a teacher each and
ever day. By the way I use my communication skills to giving directions and transitioning
from activity to activity. What I learned about teaching today was that it is important to
give go directions and to ask students to demonstrate so they all know what to do for the
activity. Some students didnt quite understand what I was demonstrating but when I
asked for a couple students to demonstrate they were all able to pick up on it right away.
My overall impressions for my first day of teaching the Hempstead adapted
students was that it was very eye opening and great experience. If that is what teaching is
going to be like, I am defiantly in the right profession. I enjoyed showing them the basics
principles of kicking and they were able to demonstrate to me that they knew what I was
teaching and had fun while doing so.

Garet Sagami
10/21/14 - 10/22/14
10/28/14 - 10/29/14

Journal 5

For these couple days in class the students performed a variety of different
activities for Mr. West. The first two days were spent performing hula hoops and doing
different activities involving hula hoops and bean bags. The students were to perform
different techniques with the hula hoops as well as being able to toss bean bags from
distance and make them land inside the hoops. Next students were performing hitting
with badminton's. Students did there usual warm ups including jogging laps, sit ups, push
ups and jumping jacks. After warm ups, students got with partners and peer helpers to
perform hitting balloons with a badminton racket.
The next week is when I performed my second lesson to the students that added to
my first lesson of dribbling and passing with a soccer ball. I believe that this lesson went
pretty smooth, not quite like my first lesson did maybe because of the set up of my lesson
plan compared to the first one didnt transition as well as id like it to. Overall students
performed the tasks of dribbling and passing more efficiently. Some activities performed
by the students included: snake, poly stop, non-stop, and pass connect. I provided good
demonstration before having the students perform each task and made sure they
understood the directions fully.
What I learned about myself this week was that not all lesson plans are going to
go as planned. I had to make some corrections and kind of a teach as I go technique. The
first round of students didnt get through all the activities as planned so when I had the
second group of students come do passing drills I modified it so they were able to do all
the activities with little trouble.
What I learned about teaching was that not all students are going to cooperate
with you and the lesson you have planned. Some students thought the activities were to
easy and wanted to play an actual game of soccer. But I had to tell the students no
because not all students have the same skill level as they do and also they will not work
together as a team to play an actual game of soccer. It would be to complex and would
take more than one class period to explain all the rules and regulations regarding the
game of soccer. But the students understood what they had to do and accomplished the
tasks given.
Overall impressions of this experience was a success. I believe I still maintained
good composure when teaching my second lesson and covered all the topics and rules for
my activities making it easy for the students to understand what I was teaching to them.
Also giving them feedback and asking questions were key to my lesson plan as well. Mr.
West was grading me as I taught and told me those two things were great to add into my
lesson plan. So overall I was happy and cant wait to teach my third lesson plan.

Garet Sagami
11/3/14 11/4/14
11/5/14 11/7/14
11/12/14 11/13/14

Journal 6

In the past two weeks of class the students have been working hard and
performing a variety of different physical activities provided by Mr. West and myself.
The first week in November the students worked on some activities that focused on
locomotor skills. He asked the students to pick animals then walk across the gym in the
way the animals would walk/run/jump/gallop. After the animal activities the students
played a coupled different tag games that had them stay active and run around the gym.
The next week the students were taught by myself on bean bag activities. This was my
third lesson taught in which I had to be video taped. The students worked on some
balancing with the bean bags, special awareness, and accuracy tossing the bean bags into
I learned more about myself this time teaching to the adapted students than
before. While being in front of a camera I found out it is a little nerve racking knowing
that you are being recorded. After awhile I got more comfortable but still had some things
I could work on to become a better teacher. I was very good at the start and getting the
students to follow directions but when it came to organization and splitting the students
up into two groups is what I had trouble with. I wanted to split them up using two groups
get with another two groups and have one of those groups sit and stand. The standing
group would go to the other side of the gym while the sitting students would stay on the
side they were sitting. The students didnt fully get the concept of splitting up or who was
to sit and stand, maybe I need a better way of splitting them up in order for them to
follow directions easier.
Overall while teaching I believe that I did a good job giving back feedback to the
students while performing the different tossing techniques, having them step in
opposition and follow through while tossing at the bucket or hula hoops on the ground. I
would need to work more on splitting the students up and organization so transition
would flow smoother moving through activities.
I believe the more I teach the more experience I am getting and the better of a
teacher I am becoming. I am enjoying every day I spend with the students I get to learn
more about them and get more comfortable as well as they get to know more about me
and help me as a physical education teacher. One student even told me to just relax before
I was teaching, that made me think that he was right, and helped me relax more.