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Strayer Review Questions CH 20-23



1. What effects did WWI have on the world?

2. In what ways was the Great Depression a global phenomenon?

3. What was distinctive about the German expression of fascism? What was the basis of popular support for the Nazis?

4. How did Japan’s experience during the 1920s and 1930s resemble that of Germany, and how did it differ?

5. In what ways were the origins of World War II in Asia and in Europe similar to each other? How were they different?

6. How was Europe able to recover from the devastation of war?

7. Complete the chart below:






Psychological Effects


Social Changes


Cultural Changes


International Policies


Global relations



8. What was the appeal of communism, both in terms of its promises and its achievements? To what extent did promise match achievements?

9. Compare the similarities and differences between the Russian and Chinese revolutions.

10. How did the collectivization of agriculture differ between the USSR and China?

11. What were the achievements of communist efforts at industrialization? What problems did these achievements generate?

12. In what was the global significance of the Cold War?

13. In what ways did the United States play a global role after World War II?

14. How did the end of communism in the Soviet Union differ from communism’s demise in China?


15. What international circumstances and social changes contributed to the end of colonial empires?

16. How did India’s nationalist movement change over time?

17. What conflicts and differences divided India’s nationalist movement?

18. How did South Africa’s struggle against white domination change over time?

19. What led to the erosion of democracy and the establishment of military government in much of Africa and Latin America?

20. In what ways did cultural revolutions in Turkey and Iran reflect different understandings of the role of Islam in modern societies?


21. To what extent has globalization fostered converging values and common interests among the world’s peoples? In what ways has it generated new conflicts among them?

22. What factors contributed to economic globalization in the second half of the twentieth century?

23. In what ways has economic globalization more closely linked the world’s peoples?

24. What distinguished feminism in the industrialized countries from that in the Global South?

25. In what different ways did Islamic renewal express itself?

26. Compare feminist and fundamentalist movements. In what ways did they challenge earlier values and expectations? To what extent were they in conflict with one another.