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The following mentioned are the list of assignments which should be submitted in

groups latest by end semester.

1. Case study:
A report is to be submitted and PowerPoint presentation is to be presented.
What is expected:
Identify problem
Segregate the problem into real problem from virtual problem
Solution to the case
Analyze the case
Marketing concepts that the case is relating
1. Industry analysis:
Identify a company which directly or indirectly is associated with port and shipping.
Analyse the company, competitor, customer.
What is expected:
Background of the company
Financial result from past 3 years
Area of operation
Products or services offered by the company
Customers of the company
Competitors ( top 3 competitors)
Competitive analysis
Environment of the company
Customers of the company
Comparative chart (SWOT analysis)
Strategies of the company
4Ps of marketing
A synopsis is to be submitted before mid sem.
2. Mystry shopping OR assignment on advertising and media planning
What is expected:
Theme or a topic
What to advertise
What message to give
Mystry shopping includes questionnaire and observing market environment
3. Review paper:
Domain specific
Read journals
Choose a concept
Analyse the gap and the critical points
In conclusion Link it with shipping industry
Please note that all the above mentioned assignments and presentations is
to be submitted and presented before end semester except the synopsis of
industry analysis which is to be presented before mid- semester
examinations. All the above mentioned assignments is a part of
examination therefore its mandatory for all students to submit on time.