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Business Skills H0250538AN / EQ

Business Skills
Student Planning Questionnaire


Leanne Dempsey

Course: Animal

1. What are your long term career aspirations and goals?

Generally, Id like to be in a career helping animals. My preferred area
of interest is wildlife. I aim to eventually work with wildlife in another
country: Australia or New Zealand

2. What type/s of job would you like to apply for when you
graduate next year?
After graduation I would like to apply for a managerial role in an RSPCA

3. What sectors of employment would you like to investigate

further during this module?
Tick all that interest you and give specific examples if you can:
Practical jobs working with animals / horses
Teaching / Coaching / Instructing / Lecturing
Therapy / Rehabilitation / Veterinary Related
Research / Product Development
Sales and Marketing / Customer Services
Human Resource Management / Recruitment
Financial Services / Accounting
Production / Manufacturing / Quality Control
Administrative / Support Services
Managerial / Supervisory
PCW / Sept 2014

Business Skills H0250538AN / EQ

Information Technology / Web Design / Social Media

Public Services / Armed Services
Other please state:

4. What types of employment are you interested in

investigating further during this module?
Please tick all that interest you:
Self Employment
Working for a small / family business
Working for a large commercial
Working for a charity / voluntary sector organisation

5. Are you interested in gaining further qualifications when you

have completed you Degree / Foundation Degree?
Please tick all that interest you and give examples if possible:
Industry specific vocational qualification
Masters level qualification taught / by research
PhD / Doctorate / MPhil
Management / Diploma / MBA
Chartered business qualification for specific sector e.g. CIM, CIMA,
Degree / further degree
Teaching qualification
6. Do you have any ideas about industry professionals who you
might like to work shadow during this module?
As I am on a foundation course, I complete work placements
throughout the year to gain 200 hours work experience. I have a
place working in a wildlife hospital which is ideal considering the
future career path I have chosen

PCW / Sept 2014

Business Skills H0250538AN / EQ

7. Are there any other areas that you would like to investigate
to help you with your future career progression during this
I would like to investigate into job advertisements for the role I
would like. I would also like to research further into working abroad,
volunteering and applying for a visa.

PCW / Sept 2014