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Lets Start

Our Journey!

I am starting out my journey in

Louisiana! I am in the Atchafalaya
Basin. It is very hot here which
means that I will begin my
journey by being evaporated!
Evaporation is when the sun heats
up water in rivers or lakes or the
ocean and turns it into vapor or
steam. The water vapor or steam
leaves the river, lake or ocean and
goes into the air.

Water Cycle
Avery Rodrigue

Water Cycle
Now that I have evaporated
from by body of water, I am
now going though the
process of condensation.

Condensation is when water
vapor in the air gets cold and
changes back into liquid,
forming clouds.

It sure is cold way up in the
clouds! And Im so high in the
air! I can even see my house
from up here!

Ive been moving across the sky for a little

while now. The clouds up here are getting
very heavy. I think I may be moving into
the next step of the water cycle.

The next step is precipitation. I wonder
where Ill end up.

Precipitation occurs when so much water
has condensed that the air cannot hold it
anymore. The clouds get heavy and water
falls back to the earth in the form of rain,
hail, sleet, or snow.

How cool! I began as water and now I am
falling down as snow!

I have ended up at my final
destination! I am in Antarctica!
The weather here is a lot different
than the weather in Louisiana! Its
so cold!

I am now being collected and
joined by so many friends!

Collection is like this: when water
falls back to earth as precipitation,
it may fall back in the oceans,
lakes, rivers or even on land. When
it ends up on land (like I did) it will
either soak into the earth and
become part of the ground water
that plants and animals use to
drink or it may run over the soil
and collect in the oceans, lakes, or
rivers where the cycle starts all
over again.