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Grammar 3. Complete the conversation with is, isn’t, are cor aren't 1. Find the food words in the wordsnake and write Di: Jem, it’s me. I'm in the supermarket. Could them in the corzect column. ‘you look in the kitchen? (1)_Are_there any tomatoes? Jem: Yes, there @) Di: Oh, great. And @) Jem: No, there (8) Di Onvall right. 6) Jem: Um, no, there (6) Di: OK, thanks. That's all. Oh no, one more thing. ‘there any pasta? Jem: Yes, there (8) Di: Thanks, darling. See you later. there any bread? ‘there any bananas? @ 47 Listen and check. 4 Underline the correct word. @) How much / many oranges are there? b) How much / many chease is there? © How much / many grapes ae there? 4) How much / many milk is there? ©) How much / many vin there?. How much / many potatoes are there? 5 Look at the picture and match the answers (1-6) ‘with the questions in Exercise 4(0-f). ‘Presenter: Welcome to Wat's i the Bag? Remember, you take home the items {you guess correcty. May: Is there (I) _any_butter? Presenter: No. There's (2) ‘margarine, but there isn’t @) butter. May: Isthere @) pear? Presenter: No. There's (5) banana, but there isnt (6) pear May: Oh, dear. Are there (7) fot “There ign’ much, Presenter: No, There are (8) potatoes, Dut Bn there aren () Tomatoes. as a eese ‘There aren't any. May: Isthere (10) cheese? Presenter: Yes, there is, We have a winner! ee eed “There isn't any. “There aren't many 46 Listen and check. Complete the conversation with the words in the box. anything black brown Hike | That's Would | Customer: I'd (1) ___/ike___a steak sandwich, please. Assistant: (2) you like white or Bas breadl?, Customer: White, please. Assistant: Would (4) like any onions? Customer: Yes, please. Assistant: Would you like (5)__ to drink? ‘Customer: Yes. A coffee, please. Assistant: White or (6) ___? ‘Customer: White, please. Assistant: (7) ___ 68, please. Customer: Thanks. © 48 Listen and check.