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He was stadest of Urs Ring ine. as under er guidance hate caret the Univer of Lends ote 1s PhD disertaon i bear the ile “The Artanment of Moka cording to hanars nd Vivekananda wi Speci Reference othe Spica of Srptre (Sa and Experience Amba and hs Forms the foundation fr al his subsequent wings, Since he is aguably the leading schol inthe myth of neo indus, cis imporane that we grep fly is argument for de leptimiing Swara Vivekananda a othe ade of contemporary nds, A scolar of high puso, he as devoted mach ois ew defending hate takes to be he el an utente Wednta ‘edn, nto lowering the leptin of Sams Vivekananda in tbe proc Hetsinsenced by Hols and Hacker ates the forme {ppovingy a saying that Vivehaanda should be emphologed* ‘nike may win pate myth feo Edam el fr pial renonsortebe finale Rambachan has scholly case to make Irs however, cs gant whic arp frealy. Since, Rambachanhas ben = profesor felon pisonbyy nd Asian ae a Ol College Mines, which afin ‘ithe Evang Lheran Carchof Ameria, Heiethe author of ‘Evel boos allo whch develop a diferent ways the thessunder ‘fcusion. Helsberdedas te ofl id okemperon in several power iveraiona oes, or more tan twenty ve ears he Fc ben hoisted atthe woe of Hinds inners dialogue {aus tonal nd iterontonl ghee For example, hes fave inthe World Counc of Churches,» ersortm of Chest ‘rznization, where he was considered hein exper i the las four Genes! Amerie in Canad, Assrala, Zimbabwe and Bel He sala regula puttin the Vaca Ponta! Coun for Inseneligns Dialogue the Vascan considers Hind exper. ‘arbaches hs served onthe Advisory Bou ofthe Cee for Suis in Religion and Sosy, Vicor University, Canada, and tra member ofthe Consukaton on Population and Bis. He is ‘ireily an aioe to Harvard Univers’ Param Project 2 ‘rete the lateratinal Advisory Coun forthe Toy Bla Path Foundation ands member of te Theslogeal Edson Commitee ‘ofthe American Academy oF Rego. In 208 atthe nation ofthe ‘Archbishop of Canterbury, he delivered the dsagused Lambeth cure at Lambeth Place Londo. Ae well he bas conse the jin UNICEF Global Neowook of Religions for Chien projet. In 18 the governmene of ead apd Tobago awarded ithe ‘Chacon Gol! Malin ecogtion afi pble serie The Bish Broadcasing Coronation ranted sre of wen ve eres ‘yh eround the wold Se tndra'e wer indus Tok at Rambach' cre sue the thei symputet ace in petigous publ oun, presenting the ‘eran ations In sever spc, he ampttie Bat on Sloe nsecton we a ee ht in bepng with Pl Hacker and ‘he eaters of hs soe of tha, Reaachen characters | ivtananda asthe are of alae ini hat wat maafacred under West une, Hees Vivekananda se rot of ourinonces 1. Theo Sams poject whch sughtto Ween by eonuructing cotemporsey Hinduam tht woud be se, ton bd dean ofl mbrg bee 2, Then maven ley Bich cue inany who ‘aloe inn hitry a iterations a te une Hind ng xialy European ats ‘hep mye tens of Ramah, ‘The des to we Skit emt make Weer ea sem sath, (ut ofthese ntaences was bom the sw ion wich Hacker, anbuchin an ther Rave rnd ne nao Aco buch’ hs thse elon ad eo sa nan and was designed to seve athe bake of nda naonal ‘mover which ter arp io Finds pecs Nome ‘fvineannd by ths emp compe wht ang nt nds ‘ligouscoics oy maybe raced back tn Vek cl sorta, ‘Rambachan's dissertation repeats statements by Western ede hating Hindle he ent cea ‘who inlunced Viebananda hd sous doubt sho atonal Hinduism (to the pot. a some ete of formally ejecting the auto ofthe Ve and ene they waren pete Weer |scurien ade ngury? ‘While cher sharin th pez ew om sok plical oe nora agueat to mae hice, Raachan ws the fe mang the adem ial hie oben fat per Piloephiel aera apport ofthese sma eatery as bec roe tha tee sa rakes, "he Vea dons ofan an Vb nd ha tw thinkers on each ther ys that ae econ Meme ‘bud nthe purr phibsopa ncmpaty etme hae ‘pete uso ols Ranbacan ths dre eee aches be, What ignored by tem tha thre oa pring a ‘over thousand yas between Shankar ni Viana this ‘est mye er oe ay Wee ‘he mh rade content wh Hid pitt das Tondo ener he cof beeen hse wo preminen scams of Hind thought, Rambschn sees na ld tad well ocumered debate The ental ie ee consis the sate of amabava or et reaaon sits ran othe sy oss (aru in the wengs of Sankars Given the importance of hit phiospbicl po. shal mai inet Satara sats habeas the aan le om nator, bert ea probe, suey nn mre (works experienced he ne) an that eee wee say Mio Our probe spi that we don ny or experince ‘ures ch Th gorance he whe rexson fora the ulin somes wed faba hg dot aston a her oe pe "Thee sno problem, a were, beast the ann is self umenaing varee a ern ensteee end herr et naregueanphngonte tao evel Rise pret the ver sbsmatinafone eng dene fel inp of any us, Tester no poem aac, oly the ed {0 remove iporance and obec fo bahay, Which swat pati acheve. ‘Mota is broaghc tou by mer cog shit andi Advaita Vedanta Thi recon res he ‘er cha of edn hte diet form Arata Van ‘ch Wohi face Vents, Bho Veonts, Date Ve and arc ob school these Advaita Vas Shankar: Ta reduc somes ‘Gathers seen mo father development Ara Ved ser Shear Theft thatthe aa eter of Vesna Ieeningeatblathed by Shanara ave themselves evolved ‘Shark’ heghafarher and epee any Ph work ‘One neds opt he diferent inerpetions of Vedas thle oper crete Shits emphases ana ere sth eas {oberon whereas Ramangj a Madhava emphaze Shak devotions Te ference bere one of pry whether Bait ‘Corea ne er ra ve ve Bulb eprint ‘he ona and bn re ath impor, repre of pio and ‘ofthe ace hac arms yoqsir ao smporant or Peary ‘nya Keron, along ainda eco re (Gol he reed dos yal eng he ote path 1 , i ‘Ths. frarcone. te ori dietes etsonportant cae seo enpge nal hese eect ot Pare heel mo! be lows Shans den sone ‘hese method tobe incon, becuse partyin ny tho, ‘ermal Bk, eatin, ray combination these ope oor tan nd moka ‘Aough Vana spartan ina che Ata shoal ‘epeshpsts mow widespread nero, and also Stakes as undobiey gest fre, the Hinds sation nach rn ‘hun ay onesies, yop. th une fete nap, Te isbrce sot hitry cena the way he Shahan egos ‘me icven ethan any pd vty be Rane yet. Hindman inate hynny "ines before Sur during hepa ab ahi Virehaands was inde cca of Shas aime well er rie inher. Bt hs dees i ly hin ene lnveerecs of Hinduism fo his nes. Shakar’ on wings ‘et rains or ut They are open to iia He sy ots Intepetaon. Hence, shank’nerpreaon ent he nt the nly one within va Vedan arcana Vets he ond lginat inept cf Vlans ofthat aca Voluna e aen thea ahem eno nas Fartemore, Rauch nods ta infu + tial nats, This redo alpen ol Heng mo mere mode pols Thea ae potato ‘sept phenomens, baton aot icon’ concn so made adn lisa peje them ack ns Hn noe ‘ore seeping dais conaon, Foren thing Hino a nee soa di. Ade arid long bir of ung ) oA gum, Rabe sp themes hia find bere 12 sasha a amps stg Sana elon ‘ering numerous aspaions it enlonovten at ane ‘suede hound yeu terwcen Shar snd elma, Essentiallzing Shankara vo ign page “het your whch ce te tnge pt esc altmctene gaye roster etanaminehctreaer SSorntenac pont onnsn de seugvanme aerogenes AGacitnegmanene tirgiat nine eS oie scr maker cai i et i “Sleuom ae Omen of'car eco oa oot mat Sstemee neater cy eee te ety Cy Serene ats risrwrrantciwanmecemane te Mnarayealeae aes | eens cxea dgnde tn din {utensil dependence leg, od Ve Can cl oe tl Chie pn re (Sued ene rs orn Dn ‘redirect ewer pci tea a od ‘Genin tie ore cots oma ch heer ecw atin, ory on Pci, fd amrvelectuaso and exer an ner” ay, eninge nin ec fino ee the ph of expec (eyo medaon bate aceved se nao hg nt wees fom indus nae mute Wr bose {he ene moran es eet pe pn sy ene nthe peer gs op yt en ie So fim wry xchat Sree bh amine “own cp feng epee oat sul onhry ed eontng nf cinco ot ‘haben ee ry ony mn we ‘jot cone ne Senta po ts ‘rv mut ebm of hasten ee ‘teen Snr het cow ti nee Scene ener 130g od ‘ec cnwh ne each ashe ae One tebe nei and a ae paper suf as socom nde ere Soe ‘tee eal abs cin hn ea ef ene {Pht Dalch ma acd an ans Reno Si rina hn safc in Pn ye sd gh shana ee Sweeter nd eto 1 ltd pt hoc veneer ata ml any poe ysl maa Sn eye ‘nln nec on ies Whe Hn eng Rn Sil inden seo he oa ooh stare pring mo arn ape inne sn he te Rambacan efi vats mba haton Goce _y opinion) and three scone es he Cretan shu without station one wl go thel Bun inom tes te gia prs bese hy thee mde ala ‘nh in his i get rebor ate Da gang el Hence the Rambachan’s Argument te Fragment Hindaism 100 room ne ting me the wl cron or bg + Crn 7 Got be sped sidan conn mea hea ‘Steir eg Int og pg im nn ‘etc han pene dab regent pen ter ‘otheobjet tem nog orm Tho whopper || Statist knowledge es be Yr mary fhe ops) | | eretecetsmany ig mata dows rh | Seperate Tete cp ec pad apes ppb peng ep con grea ‘ein me pci eh {Seine gn el mn concn nd ugh regen Seon ie the adding we ee ‘gue Tar Spe sy org na weds at eer n'ont wah hgh nha wel Shaskaragoet on to clay the grades of conditioning and ‘composing emerince: ‘ihn eae ac oven “hemint wich om te meg cnt S ere ‘ks tthe Se tough mall ncn noe, ‘mvs ge es ofp do opi ‘Trou tguynd poe | Thepin eit fe ast sory ofhumany, medion eon poued by Vienna bee hsippopite tue ces hat ae pla oly oto who have aan or ‘re pursngthe airmen aerate owe Parherclanston of Shankar's nein provide y bi ect dip nd one of tmnt import allower, Saeshya ‘The perma fay iin esl the acquit ‘Bepuacn othe a The parttime ‘emprchanion ofthe te rare ras tre een, fern eta ach ria ee cent ofl cs erie Yop, wach ‘dst bial enemy ofthe man w en he Sa nd \isreulsin eloewidgef be memagotech Spang s"Tiew An Tha lat Tm a wich deste pone as nding othe eattsimeatinone own Sel” "Ts Shankara ni ie flonet embric a mac onsaa stvcinchds bth yoga Thre sno ngeton of yagaconay Challenging the airet experience ofthe rishi-yogi Rambachan opposes the ea tha aati iso ines cece Ae supped by Ada Veda or ay sees of Hind for ‘hue mater. To demon the ra ht apron, Chapter lcs tion derbingadhyana via an cla tio fest ngy in dan eae Heo creda Were aoace "wa enjoying cmserble resi among ihe Bengal iellgesia tenet cet. tre wiley dat allsysteme cf hema hg, nclg reign, deo be wld bythe seriy of ee snd eon ut he care oi Viena roomate i ews and smn, based excl he rege ded ode Wenn sete retod.| Rambacan cic of Vikan’ ew of mpc ire the sh cscs ad tec ho verb Ramtec ‘werte ommanierandingof th cnn ei chan te ‘ee frigate esto be onniened of be pw mods ubsphe of ence tha are rl in the Wes oily, "hese te spied by Hinds and ui das) He res hat | Viekaands pay the rie oni dower of pal evs whch ame vered by any enous venir, a whch yp fp lke ssc mama hen Ven mo, teu the ween ec fhe pile ered by Bsn pono flere The mpi he Vedas ‘rend oe ocd lt aki cree Provide the odo Forte decpring rence of temiiemigm One ot bg cording Vana to acep nese propains vad eae 0 thn he ‘neal cei eto of ping noe bee “roeihgnpy th ny ee loa reel ae eee eee Tappan dliaan ome Soper ene eee es eres canes saomimieceatiseo ena ee eee eres ene us Rambachan provides shep creige of Vivehanand sophnon othe sen arign ting nan age when ene eens and arog of ‘ute ay naa athe aoe elethe rr fama ws aoa He ough pons ove of ating been wih be had el he ‘emandfsence ot ny ooh x nach wer Fenpeive brandi emetic conc eae ‘Sch ei hea et inden Vikan wren ht the ate faith el fe ds ti everyting eee meas preparation, inclaing the Vos, {Pam sonny, Vivekananda rare the Sushi ond "Tv acsceefmantns one who ha ele coal ra sabe {othe npeeonscloues aad code them. He expan ha ab he ame of pe ca whch every oe a ndbecoming which, ote Hinde, mew nbvation. Notbelifin {erent mg oud fees, ox bn ale Uisinpotnteonoe th Vivetanands combs abv ad si ‘ater tan ejeang neo theo, fe way Rambacn wane {odo Vineanands ures srt wth amo thc ret ny {hu gidance for fat knowledge ba ean commana oly { approninate ea of realty for met persons Beaute hey Ick ‘he py of comconness Sk conan of ecard the sbbie orl decaveden af oter andthe ethos by wich uch “covers be bon de, ach pron mas pny his mand tobe ‘lero redionethe eyo as eb his own anbhar, Rawbachan’s Argemest to Fragment Hindsiom 119 “The ch fats che eat ofthe det now, note The Myth Goes Viral Oration te eve of writers produces eater tht rete spedtion a common inves. The rou reson reeences \orachothes wrkos ab tote he seman of ey. Aah proce nl he cre he een ener rated and ures everdecesing grt froveit nts bio the eae (erature led with eet and ramets of he pth at Hindu eae invention th plan expe wl ee Chvingreatr dette cheno come, bt here show how ‘ideapead sewn become ‘What lows ine deca of some fhe mone een ais -whoare propapingthe yc a heroic inga Hini, ‘hat what we ell Hindi i comatrct ofthe moder esd ‘male ofr pial aramage am one 0 pores tp down omgeneny tsps ego ware oH pe Many f these sels asamp aout he ate felon snd preys ape byte Aakash it