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Ay lannah Martin M0 ETCETERA Rattan and wicker, those warm: weather favorites, are showing up in surprising and shapely new guises For di iigner Kelly Behun, creating a weekend house in Long Island for her family was no small matter The result is a stunning series of glass aand-stone pavilions by the sea that mixes the austere with the playful TEXT BY NANCY HASS PHOTOGRAPHY BY WILLIAM WALDRON A protégé of Philippe Starck when he was collaborating with hotelier lan Schrager, designer Kelly Behun knows all about creating comfort amid splendor She is master of materials and scale, crafting sleek yet inviting spaces for projects ranging from the Delano in Miami to and Jared Kush But midway through building a weekend getaway for her own fam- ‘he Manhattan apartment of lvanka Te ily in the Hamptons, anultramodern house nearly as large and ambi tiousas a five-star boutique hotel, she began to question her sanity “Looked at the construction, a al those steel beams shooting up through the ground” she says, shuddering slightly at the memory and I thought, What have I done?” Several years later the answer to that rhevorical question is this: Behun has created one of the East End's most admired dwellings, _graceful,low-shing, nearly endless expanse of imestone and glass that elegantly ingly warm and peaceful,” she says, standingin one o soaked living areas. The loor-to-celing space into a loggia with the Atlantic spread beyond the dunes. "You thinkit willbe overwhelming, bu it’s really calming instead” The chal her financier hus iors the acean it faces, "People tell me it's surpris he huge, sun Jass walls open, turning the jolding the luxurious minimalism chat she and The couple, who have school and have two sons and a dog, relish having guests and multigenerational gatherings. When they bought the property, there was another moderu house on the site, but {just didn’t work for them. They decided to build from scratch and \wentall in, Witha project of such scope, it made sense to reat nificant addition to Southampton's architectural landscape, not ust ig edifice on the beach, So they turned to architects Brian John Berson, ofthe firm Sawyer Berson, and love into family home. known each other since hi The elongated site dictated long, narrow structure, but the couple didn't want it to feel likea Berson would have to be clever with elevations and radically vary the scale ofthe rooms to br ant, glass-sided pencil box. Sawyer and I up the vast space. And, of course, the couple wanted to maximize the incomparable views. “They really were comfortable and confident with their plan,” says Berson, “Her husband knew exactly what elevation he ted from his study, and the angle from which he wanted to see all the way down the beach. The house isa series ofeonnected pavilions, explains Saw yer, infu enced by thede ‘of Paul Rudolph and Philip Johnson. To maintain the palette was limited, much of the interior is sheathed In French Luget limestone, which has a warm glow like beach sand. The windows and movable glass panels seamlessly meld inside with outside, In addition tothe array of living areas, che house contains mel 7, pS Tiamat can tt comes cate ea ‘hy Marlo Dal abinothe soo ill ioe a ae fom made sande tc | the artwork by Derek ols and theruete goats in Boron the ubisFrenchimestone, he oll | seven bedrooms (including three-bedroom guest wing),a screening room, gym, andan infinity pool. The couple insisted that the whole space be profoundly Livable, full of deft, whimsical touches and sly humor. “In the end,” say's Behun, "a home has to reflect who you are, Tehink you can have aitiness and stilla huge amount of character” Asthe decor makes clear, Behun sa prot misinghhighand low The first thing that gt steps through the front door is a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting, in front of which it half adozen colorful wicker stools from IKEA. “They «cast me $69 each," she says. “No one does wicker better than IKEA, Inthe crook ofa curving white plaster staireaseis 1 10-foot seulp- ts visitors as they sweep up the long, ow stone ture that i also pure Behun, "I found this five-foot rattan vase ata local store,"she explains. I painted it black figuring like ita the white ofthe staircase. But didn’t work, s0 [got another one and stacked itupsidedown on the firstone, And then [coiled rope around itand painted the whole thing white.” Behun's aesthetic relies more on visual appeal than provenance She loves almost anything rope-wrapped, as well asthe neutral geo- on. Two favorite pieces are the Campana brothers-inspired chair she created for one son's room (made from hundreds of small plush toy sharks), and her husband's desk in the library; the top of which was originally the prototype forthe prop: erty's metal retaining walls. When it works, there's this great balance between space and Behun says. “Iwish [hada for in this ro0omand see how everything works together see the sand and metrics of African decora objects. a. Lknow lean stand here the ocean beyond, andits just ight.”