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Multi-Genre Topic

welcome to a quick personality test and what I would like for you to do is to
Stretch your arms
And also I want you to close your eyes don't just sit there
I want you to actually close your eyes and stretch your arm
Now imagine.
Helium balloon has coal attracted to your fingers on right now
gently raise your right hand up now
remember the five books that are on your left hand
are pushing down on your left hand and the
Balloon in the right hand
Remember your hands are being pushed apart
You can open up your eyes now
if your hands are far apart it means your sensitive
And intuitive you easily absorb lot films and movies
If your hand are closed together
you are analytical, logical enjoy paintings and having fun
if you just saw the picture of the clown
You are very suspicious, Thanks and God bless

One Minute Personality Test

There are multiple theories on personalities. First, we have Erick Erikson. Often considered the
king of psychology. He had a theory that our personalities are portraying our subconscious
desires. Some scientists think he may have just been over exaggeration about meeting a queen to
make a little jack. Although personalities are a lifetime, Erick theorized they take much longer to
be created. He thought that the things we see and do in A day or sometimes even a whole week
could all come together in our personalities. However, Dr. Domhoff, a psychologist at UCSB,
and a jack of all trades, after seeing various behavoral studies concluding that only one-half of
personalities have a days residue. Secondly we have another king. Carl Jung was considered the
king of the psychoanalytical field. His theory included 4 portions. First he states how our
inherited characteristics form our archetypes which make who we are. Second, he says that these
archetypes are expressed in our personalities through various symbols. Third he says our
personalities affect what we personalize about. And fourth, he restates that these archetypes are
inherent and part of our "collective unconscious" rather than being acquired as you grow up.
Jung's theories of inherent characteristics were proven soon after their publishing with research
studies. However, our dreams, our religion and our other social views and ideas affecting our
personalities have been proven through studies and something I myself have observed in my
personalities. For our third theory we have a pair of friends from Harvard Medical School. Allan
Hobson and Robert McCarley. Their theory is was published in 19-77. They thought that when
the brain goes to sleep and enters REM, Rapid Eye Movement, stage, the stage of sleep most
associated with personalities the limbic system is partially activated. This arousal causes the
limbic system to send out mixed signals, leaving the brain confused and trying to synthesize
what is happening. Much like a gender we all know. These random signals they thought were the

reason for the "randomness of our personalities". Although the brain does get activated, as they
proved with modern medicine, their second half, is still up for debate. Fourth we have 3 groups
of people including one duo of Allyson Dale and Nicole Miller. They all are still in the process of
completing research their finalized theory with their latest published paper being 2008. But they
thought the reason we have personalities that express our true colors is to consolidate memories.
Our brain does get activated during REM Sleep, and send signals. They have all come to the
conclusion that these signals is actually our brain sending out memories that we have collected to
be put together and in a sense "filed away" in our brain. This theory has evolved to become the
most popular as of late, and provides good reason for why we should research personalities.
Whether it be random signals our brain is sending. Or, it actually working to form something.
One thing is clear. These so called kings? Seem much more like a joke.