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Brett Pino

April 28, 2015

Reflective Essay
Course objectives
Write multiple genres

Apply one or many topic with different guide lines

Strategies of argumentation

Being able to apply the negative views and prove them wrong with research
found and arranging it to flow into a conversation.

Style and design to assigned paper

Had to understand the importance of style and the effects of adding one
thing or another could change the credibility and overall quality of the writer
and even confuse the reader.

Rhetoric approach

Collaborating the credibility and understanding how to reach your audiences

Revision, conceive and draft

Being capable of understanding and excepting imperfection and applying the

corrections. As well as the importance of drafting, overviewing and reading
aloud since a paper can always use minor adjustments.


Plagiarism is a serious problem, if you use another as a source it should be

cited. Also nobody can build credibility without the presentation of citations.

Participate in conversation

Being engaged in the conversations with instructor and students show that
you are there really applying yourself while learning.

Work collaboratively

Being able to work with people and take advice while delivering it.

Edit to obtain minimum of surface errors

Revision of papers and reading over them out loud helped see things that
needed adjustments.

Topics of each paper

Memoir: I chose to write about the dream of where I see my life in the years to
come or where I want to be at least. It was not only the first thing that came to mind

but also the most passionate topic I could possibly inquire about. When youre
certainly passionate about a specific topic its easier to go off about it in detail,
without the passion and thorough details its not as stimulating for a reader to build
a connection to your paper.
Report or Evaluation: I chose to discuss the topic of how video games are
influencing our overall health. This was also a passionate topic of mine. I play video
games and enjoy them a lot and think theyre very beneficially stimulating for the
mind and are a way to develop specific abilities. This topic is not regularly discussed
in an English class, and since the VR or Virtual Reality games are becoming
apparent its a very important topic to look over pros and cons and I thought it
would be fun to research.
Position or Argument: I decided to run with Genetically Modified Agriculture,
since I dont oppose to the decision completely and think theres a lot of potential
with them its simple for me to argue why they can be a very good thing for all of us
in the conclusion.
Peer Review suggestions
Memoir: Something was definitely missing from my paper. When my classmate
reviewed my paper in class he said how much he respected the style that I went
with and to look into Robert Frost poems. Robert Frost writes about nature-based
poems and theyre all very inspiring. The one I chose really tied my paper together
because the point of my paper was how nature is being pushed out of our lives as
we become more advance. A birds song should not be annoying to us, theres
something wrong with that.
Report or Evaluation: N/A I was absent
Positon or Argument: In this paper, even though when I submitted it to peer
reviews it wasnt finished, I felt there wasnt a general understanding of the style. I
write a lot of science-based papers and this paper was more informative, I
remember someone from my class saying I shouldnt have so much information at
the beginning. All I could do was giggle, its not bad to have information in your
introduction. Instead, I heard a complaint for more flow and organization of the way
I presented my data. This also made me a little curious as to why research papers
are not as focused on in English classes.
Revision of documents
Memoir: At first my memoir came off more as a report paper, since near the end it
went into information about how one can make their life better with meditation
instead of applying my own experience, and staying on track of my story. I revised
the end, making it more first-person or about my experience with nature and
Report or Evaluation: I began this more as an annotated bibliography about video
games and discussing the credibility of each author in the source and how it applies
to the rhetorical analysis: ethos, pathos, logos etc. I changed the wording around to

focus in on the papers intention, and also removed the irreverent information about
their background.
Positon or Argument: I made an addition of more opposing information about
GMOs and had the discussion more apparent and visible for the reader. I also had to
add in my thesis or side I was on at the beginning and tie it together tighter at the
The portfolio was an easy step because I had my instructor to help me make
decisions with my final entry of papers. I took all of the advice and set time aside to
make corrections and expand my capabilities. I already had my Weebly account set
up, I made an addition tab labeled English 2010 and submitted the documents,
including the reflection essay.