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Izak Endicott

1st period
Mrs. Givens
Interview project
My Interviewee: I plan on interviewing a man by the name of Tad Burgess. He works at the
Kennecott mine under a company called Joy Global. We will be meeting at Starbucks because
it is a nice quiet place in a convenient location for both of us.
Career Research
According to the website http://www.indeed.com/salary/q-Mechanical-Engineer-WeldingEngineer-l-Overland-Park,-KS.html mechanical welders make up to 71,000 dollars annually. The
definition of a mechanical welder accoring to the website
http://www.eduers.com/JobDescriptions/Mechanic_Welder.html states Under direction, makes
minor and major mechanical repairs on a variety of gasoline- and diesel-powered equipment
and performs welding in the repair, modification, and fabrication of equipment and facilities; and
performs related duties as required also some interesting characteristics of this career from the
same site show that This class is distinguished from Maintenance Welder Mechanic by the
responsibility for minor repair and major overhaul of small engines and heavy equipment as its
primary assignment and welding as a secondary assignment. The Maintenance Welder
Mechanic is responsible for performing skilled welding as its primary assignment and minor
heavy equipment repair as a secondary assignment. Mechanic/Welder is further distinguished
from the Equipment Mechanic class series by the fabrication of welded metal equipment and
facilities on a frequent basis.
Interview Schedule
Opening: Hello Tad nice to meet you. I hope that your day is going good. We discussed earlier
that the purpose of this interview is for a project in my communication class. However im
interested in welding so I think that this is going to be an interesting interview. I'll be asking you
about getting started in the welding field, your schedule and its impact on your family life, and
continuing education. Dont worry if I take a few notes just continue talking.

Topic Questions
Topic 1: A Typical Day
Now that I know how you got started, Id like to hear what your current job is like.
1. Can you tell me about how a typical day plays out in your workplace? (Primary, Open)
2. What do you like most about your job? (Primary, Open)
-What would you say you like least about your job? (Secondary, Open)
3. Can you tell me about your schedule? (Primary, Open)
-How accommodating is your schedule to your personal life? (Secondary, Open)

4. I'm interested in how this career might interact with my family life. Do you mind if I ask
whether you have any children? (Primary, Bipolar)
If yes:
-If your daughter/son became ill on a morning when you were scheduled to work, what could
you do? (Secondary, Open)
-What does your son think of your work? (Secondary, Open)
-If no:
-If one of your co-workers had a child that became ill one morning when they were scheduled to
be at work, what could they do? (Secondary, Open)
-Have your co-workers ever talked about how their work life affects their children? Could you
share some of that with me? (Secondary, Open)
5. Would you recommend your career to a single parent? (Primary, Bipolar)
Topic 2 Why a mechanical welder, and how?
So how did you get started?
1. Why did you choose a career in the welding field? (Primary, Open)
-Why would you say that you made a good choice? (Secondary, Open)
2. How did you get started as a welder? (Primary, Open)
-Would you start in this way if you could do it over again? (Secondary, Closed)
3. What educational path would you recommend if I want to enter the welding field as soon as
possible? (Primary, Open)
-How much time did it take to get the training you needed? (Secondary, Closed)
-How much did it cost? (Secondary, Closed)
4. What other elements are required beyond schooling to become a successful welder?
(Primary, Open)
-What other fields could you transition into without additional schooling? (Secondary, Closed)
5. What types of knowledge or skills would I need to gain before I become a welder? (Primary,
-- What resources have you used to develop these skills? (Secondary, Open)
6. Since you only had a little educational experience, how prepared did you feel, initially starting
as a welder? (Primary, Open)
-Have you progressively become a better welder? (Secondary, Closed -- but could become
- What elements have contributed most to your success? (Secondary, Closed)
Topic 3- Interesting things about the job
1 What was the longest project you have ever worked on? (Primary, Open)
-Did you make any bonus money?(Secondary, Closed)
2.Any crazy accidents occur at your job?(Primary, Open)
3.What is the hardest thing youve ever done?(Primary, Open)
4.Is welding one of your pastimes?(Secondary, Open)
5 Have you ever sold stuff youve welded? (Secondary, Closed)
Clearinghouse question: The interviewee's turn

1. Are there subjects we havent discussed that you think I need to be aware of? (Primary,
2. Would you recommend that everybody learns to weld?
Okay, thats it for the questions. Thank you for taking your time to meet with me and teach me
all about. I am definitely interested in learning how to weld because it seem like even if things
went horribly south for jobs there is always a need for a welder. Welding seems fun and it
seems like a good career. Now there is just one more thing I ask for you to do and its to fill out
this evaluation sheet that is required for this assignment. Dont be afraid to be honest
constructive criticism is always appreciated.

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