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and Procedures

Jens Little Ones, LLC

General Information..

Enrollment & Discharge....


Payments & Fees.


Child & Provider Absences






Daily Activities


Child Guidance




Emergency Procedures.


Items to be provided..


Orientation of Employees, Volunteers or Substitutes.


Daily Schedule


Childcare Rates


General Information

Jens Little Ones, LLC is licensed by the state of Wisconsin, Department of Health and Family Services. I believe in
providing child centered activities and opportunities for exploration and growth. I strive for a balance of different
ages so that children can learn to accept and appreciate the diversity of each age and stage of growth.

Jens Little Ones, LLC will provide care for children between the ages of six weeks and twelve years. In accordance
with Federal law and US Dept. of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of
race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office
of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Ave, SW, Washington, DC, 20250-9410 or call (800) 795-3272 (voice) or (202) 720-
6382 (TTY). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Childcare services will be provided between the hours of 5:45 am and 4:45 pm, Monday thru Friday. Parents are
welcome to visit my childcare program at any time during the hours of operation, unless prohibited by a court order.
If so, I will need a copy of the order.

Day (Woodbury garage sales), Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween (close at 4:30pm),
Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day. If a holiday falls on a Saturday, we
will be closed day before (Friday). If a holiday falls on a Sunday, we will be closed the following day (Monday). All
regular fees will charged on these holidays listed above, regardless of any other term(s) in this contract.

Children will only be released to persons on the enrollment form (updated annually). I reserve the right to remove
anyone from the authorized list for any reason. If anyone other than the childs parent or someone who is listed on
the enrollment form is to pick up your child(ren), I need to be notified by the child(ren)s parent(s), in person or by
phone in advance. The person picking up the child(ren) must show a drivers license or other picture ID.

If the parent or other authorized person arrives to pick up a child and that person appears to be intoxicated or under
the influence of drugs, all reasonable steps will be taken to prevent the person from leaving with the child, including
offering to call a cab or another contact person. While I cannot legally withhold a child from the legal guardian, I will
not hesitate to call the authorities if I feel the child is in danger.

We will need to work together to ensure that each child has the opportunity to develop his or her full potential. We
will communicate regularly about your childs physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth. I will need to be
informed about any changes in your childs schedule, routine, or home environment. I will do the same for any
changes in the childcare program that affects your child(ren). If there are issues or concerns that need to be discussed,
please work with me to arrange a convenient time to talk on the phone at naptime or in the evening so we can give
the issue the attention it deserves.

I will do all that I can to protect your familys privacy and I will abide by the state privacy law. I will keep all records
and information about your child and your family private and confidential, unless I have your written permission to
reveal specific information. I also ask that you respect the privacy of my family by not sharing any information you
learn about my family without my written permission.

Affiliated Insurance Services, LLC carries liability insurance for my operations. American Family Insurance carries
insurance for my premises.

Enrollment and Discharge of Enrolled Children

I will hold a space in my program until agreed start date for your child(ren). In return, parent(s) agree to pay the first
weeks tuition, payment is due upon signing the contract. If you decide not to enroll your child(ren) before the end of
the holding period, the fee is not refundable.

Parent(s) must contact me within 2 weeks of the child(ren)s start date to confirm that the child(ren) will begin
childcare as scheduled. If I do not receive this confirmation and I am unable to reach you within 48 hours, I will
assume that you have changed your mind and will not be enrolling your child(ren).

All children will be enrolled for a trial period of 4 weeks. (It takes most children 3 weeks to adapt to this type of
change). During which time either the parent or provider may terminate the childcare contract without advanced

Parents must meet with me to discuss their childs specific needs and review the program policies. I will make
reasonable accommodations for a child with disabilities as specified under the American Disabilities Act. The
following items must be completed and returned to me the first day of attendance:
Form CFS-62, Childcare Enrollment
Form CFS-2345 Health History and Emergency Care Plan
Parent/Provider Contract
Privacy and Field Trip releases

I will inform you of any updates that are needed and give you 30 days to submit the updated forms.

The following items must be completed and returned within 30 days of your childs start date:
Form CFS-60, Child Health Report
Form DHP-4192, Day Care Immunization Record or an electronic record of your childs immunizations

In accordance with state law, you must provide me with an updated immunization records every:
6 months for children 2 years and younger
2 years for children older than 2 years

Children may be enrolled on a full-time basis (30 to 50 hours per week), or a part-time basis (less than 30 hours per
week). (Extended time will be assessed after 50 hours, on an hourly basis). School aged children will be enrolled on a
meal/snacks present basis. I do accept children for drop-in care if prior enrollment arrangements have been made
and space is available.

If a parent is laid off from work, loses a job, or becomes ill and decides to temporarily remove the child from care, I
will charge the weekly rate per week to hold the childs space for up to 4 weeks. At that point, the agreement will
need to be renegotiated.

A child may be discharged from my program for reasons such as, but not limited to:
Failure to pay fees on time
Lack of parental cooperation
Inability of the childcare program to meet the needs of the child (I will consult with parent(s) concerning how
any problems might be solved before ending the contract. Parent(s) will be referred to other community
Repeated failure to pick up the child at the scheduled time
Failure to complete and return required forms

I will give a two week written notice of my intent to discharge a child, and try to inform parents of local resources
that may be of help to them, except when the discharge is due to the parent(s) failure to keep current with fees owed.
Should parent(s) remove the child during the notice period I initiate, fees will not be charged for the remaining
unused days.

Parent(s) must give a two week written notice of their intent to withdrawal the child(ren), and will be required to pay
for the two weeks whether their child(ren) continue to attend or not. All outstanding fees must be paid.

Payments and Fees

Tuition fees are to be paid in advance on Fridays (or the childs last enrolled day each week) for the following weeks
services. If there will be a third party payment, as from an employer or the county, a special payment schedule will
be arranged and detailed in the contract. Parents will be responsible for any specified co-payments or unpaid

If the childcare fee is not paid when due, a late payment fee of $10.00 per day will be added to the past due amount
until the amount is paid. The fee for an insufficient funds check will be $35.00, plus the amount of any overdraft fees.

Regular rate will be established based on your full or part-time status and the age of your child(ren). Additional fees
will be assessed for additional hours if your child is under the part-time status, or full time hours exceed 50 hours per

A full-time rate is offered for children who will be in care for 30 to 50 hours per week or 4 or more days per week. An
hourly rate is charged if children will attend fewer than 2 hours per day, or fewer than 10 hours per week. School
aged children rate will depend on the meals they are present for (before or after school). There is a separate day
and full day rate.

There is an early drop-off or late pick-up fee of $1.00 per minute/per child you are early dropping off or picking up
your child(ren). However, I will allow a 5-minute grace period. If you are over the 5-minute grace period you will be
required to pay for the grace period and any additional minutes. If you are more than 30 minutes late, with no phone
call, I will contact an authorized person from your list and have them pick up your child(ren).

There will be no early drop-off fee if you request an early drop-off time by 8:00pm the night before. However I may
start charging for early drop-off if you overuse the privilege.

There will be no late pick-up fee if you call at least 1 hour before the scheduled pick-up time. However I may start
charging for late pick-up if you overuse the privilege.

There will be no rate reductions for additional children from one family. I am limited to the number of children that I
may care for at any one time.

No refunds will be given for days when children do not attend due to illness or other reasons.

For current tuition fees, see attached Rate Sheet.

I currently do not go on traveling field trips. If I resume offering traveling field trips fees will be as follows. I will
pay the cost of these field trips up to $5.00 per child, parent(s) will be responsible for the balance. (i.e. When we go to
the Childrens Museum, the cost is approximately $8.50 per child. Parent(s) would be responsible for $3.50, due with
your regular weekly tuition.)

If your child misuses, breaks or damages an item or any of my property, parent(s) will pay to have the item replaced
or repaired, at my discretion. I reserve the right to hire-out or complete any repairs myself and charge for any cost of
damages, including labor and supplies.

Child and Provider Absences

Child Absence

Parent(s) must pay for all scheduled days when their child(ren) is/are not in care. If your child(ren) will not attend on
a regularly scheduled day, please let me know by 8pm the night before, or within 30 minutes of your child(ren)s
scheduled arrival time. No fees will be charged if the providers children are ill and you choose not to bring your
child that day.

If a child who is scheduled does not arrive within 30 minutes of their drop-off time, and I have not be notified of the
childs impending absence, I will attempt to contact the parent or guardian to determine the childs whereabouts.

Failure to comply with the programs illness policies may result in the termination of this contract. See sec. V.

I must have written authorization for school-aged children, riding the bus, to walk to and from the bus stop (at the
end of the driveway) unescorted by an adult. Children will be sent to wait for the bus approximately 5-7 minutes
prior to the bus arrival.

You may take up to 10 vacation days from my program and will only pay the regular rate for those days. Vacation
days must be taken in blocks of time, 3 or more days. Any vacation days that are taken one day at a time must be
paid at the regular rate. Vacation days may not be carried over from year to year. You must give a full two weeks
notice of the date you plan to use your vacation days.

Provider Absence

I will take 2 weeks of vacation each year. I require payment for all 10 days. I also reserve 2 paid days each year for
professional development. I will let you know at least 30 days in advance so you and your family can make alternate

No fees will be charged in the event that I or a member of my family becomes ill, and my program is closed. I will
notify the parent(s) of all regularly scheduled children no later than 8:00 pm the previous day that my program will
be closed. If I or a member of my family becomes ill in the night, you will be notified after 5:00 am or at least 1 hour
before your scheduled drop-off time. I may give the option to bring your child(ren), when my children are ill. If you
choose to bring your child regular fees will be charged. If your child becomes ill and cannot attend my program,
because of the exposure to my children, you will still need to pay for the days your child(ren) absent.

Parent(s) will not pay for the days that the program is closed due to the death in the providers family. Provider my
take 2 weeks-unpaid funeral leave in the case of the death of a spouse, parent, in-law parents or child.

I may take 2-3 weeks maternity leave for the birth of a new baby. I will not be available for childcare while on
maternity leave; regular tuition fees will not be charged during that time.

In case of an emergency situation that requires my immediate attention, I will call Kim Meier. She will come to stay
with the children during my absence. Parents will be called to pick-up their child(ren) as soon as possible. I will
provide my emergency back-up person with a brief orientation that will include the names and ages of the children

present, arrival and departure information for each child, the location of the childrens files and the procedure to
reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (if there are any children under 1 year of age). Regular tuition fees
will not be charged when I am closed because of an emergency.


Child Illness/Injuries

If you do not comply with my illness policy; it may be grounds for terminating our contract.

If your child becomes ill at home you must notify me as soon as possible. You must also notify me within 24 hours if
your child is diagnosed with a contagious illness or parasitic infection, even on a holiday or weekend. In return I will
notify you if your child(ren) has been exposed to a contagious illness or parasitic infestation within 24 hours.

Children who are ill are not to be brought to my program. The following are examples of the children who are ill:
A temperature of 101 F. or higher
Vomiting or diarrhea that has occurred more than once in the last 24 hours
A contagious disease, such as, chicken pox or strep throat or pink eye
An unidentified rash
Have not been on prescribed medication for 24 hours or continue to have symptoms of illness
Have a constant thick colored nasal discharge

Children may return when they are symptom free, have been appropriately treated or have been given medical
approval to return. Sick children are not permitted to return to care until 24 hours after the last incidence of fever,
vomiting, or severe diarrhea, or 24 hours after prescribed medical treatment has begun.

I may ask you to take a child home if the child isnt sick but is experiencing discomfort, such as after the last dose of
an antibiotic or severe constipation. I will not send children home who have a common cold, unless accompanied by
a fever or other symptoms.

If your child should become ill or seriously injured while in my care, you will be contacted immediately. Sick
children will be isolated within my sight or hearing and made as comfortable as possible. Children should be picked
up within 1 hour. If the child is not picked up within 1 hour, the emergency contact person on the childs enrollment
form will be called.

I ask you to use your best judgment in deciding to bring a child who may be ill to my program. Please consider the
health of the other children, my family, and me. If you repeatedly try to bring an obviously ill child to my program, it
may be grounds for ending our contract.

If your child has a case of head lice, the child must be treated and free of nits before returning to care. If a case of
head lice is found in my program, I will notify you and everyone in my home will be checked.

I have received training in CPR and First Aid. I will follow standard emergency medical procedures for treating
injuries. A head injury will be treated as a serious injury, parents will be notified as soon as possible.

Superficial injuries will be washed with soap and water and coved with a bandage or treated with ice. Parents will be
told about the minor injury when they pick up their child.

If there is need for emergency medical treatment, 911 will be called and the child will be taken to River Falls or Red
Wing Hospitals/Urgent Care. Should and ambulance be needed, parents will be responsible for any costs. Parents

will be contacted as soon as possible after calling 911. If possible, I will ask that the ambulance take your child to the
emergency medical facility that you indicated on the child enrollment form.

All medications administered, accidents or injuries occurring during the time a the child is in my care, marked
changes in behavior or appearance and any observations of injuries to a childs body received outside my care will be
entered into my medical logbook. As a licensed childcare provider, I am required to report any suspected child abuse
or neglect to the local authorities.


I will administer medications. Prescriptive and non-prescriptive medication will only be given to the child if a parent
has completed the authorization form provided. All medicine must be in its original container bearing the childs
name, dosage and administration directions. I will not exceed the age-related dosage on the label of any medication
without a written doctors authorization.


My home is a smoke free environment. No one is permitted to smoke in my home wither during or after childcare

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

To reduce the risk of SIDS I will do the following:
Children under one year of age:
Child will be placed on his/her back in a crib or packnplay, unless the childs physician authorizes another
position in writing.
Child will not sleep in a crib or packnplay that contains materials such as sheepskin, pillows, fluffy blankets,
bumper pads, or stuffed animals.
Children under two years of age:
Cribs and packnplays shall contain tight-fitting mattress and any mattress covering shall fit snugly over the
mattress. Waterbeds my not be used.
Sheets or blankets will be tucked tightly under the mattress and shell be kept away from the childs mouth and
If a child falls asleep in a swing or car seat, the child will be removed from the swing or car seat and placed to
sleep on his/her back in a crib, packnplay, or on his/her mat.


I will follow USDA guidelines when planning our menus. No child will go without nourishment for longer than 3
hours. I will offer breakfast, am snack, lunch, and pm snack to all the children in attendance at the identified time on
our daily schedule. At mealtimes, I will offer food to the children but will not require them to eat it. I will inform you
if I notice any change in your childs eating habits. I do not charge extra for providing meals.

If your child has special dietary needs (medial condition or personal choice) or has food allergies, parent(s) must
notify me in writing.

Children are not allowed to bring food or treats from home on a daily basis. However, on special occasions, i.e.
Birthdays, I will allow children to bring a snack to share with all the children in attendance that day. If you wish to
bring a treat for your child to share, please let me know at least one day in advance.

Menus currently run 41 days. Children when old enough plan the weeks menu for the week they are helper. They
are given 5 choices for each meal, then they decide what additional components to the meal to add.

School-aged children will be offered an afternoon snack upon arrival from school.

Children younger than 12 months must be served formula or breast milk unless written direction is on file from the
childs health care professional. I will provide Target brand iron fortified infant formula and infant cereals. Parent(s)
are responsible for providing other types of formula, breast milk and commercial baby food. All bottles and baby
food must be labeled with your childs name.

Daily Activities

I do not include religious instruction or practices in my daily activities. We do not offer prayers before meals and
snacks. I do not offer a religious education program in my curriculum.

We celebrate the following occasions: New Years, Valentines Day, St Patricks Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween,
Thanksgiving, Christmas, and each childs birthday. The children draw names and exchange gifts for Christmas
($10.00 limit). We also exchange cards for Valentines Day. Birthdays are celebrated on or a day close to it. Your
child may bring a gift for a birthday child, but they are not required to. If your child brings a gift for one child, please
bring a gift for the other children on their birthdays as well. Please limit such gifts to $10.00.

I will plan activities and provide children with a variety of experiences. Some of the activities will include:
Literacy and language development activities
Expressive or sensory art activities
Health, safety, or nutritional projects
Puzzles, games, or manipulatives
Outdoor play with adult lead activities
Large-muscle activities
Free play
Field trips
Construction and blocks
Computer time (school-agers)
Selected videos or television shows
Individual quiet activities
Dramatic play

My curriculum is child centered. Meaning I take what they are interested in and plan engaging activities that
encourage exploration and development. My program provides age-appropriate activities for infants, toddlers,
preschoolers, and school aged children. Learning opportunities are based on the abilities of each child. I will conduct
activities that will challenge each childs creative talent and imagination.

Children may bring toys from home only if they reflect the current theme in our curriculum, or on Thursdays for
Show and share day. Show and share toys must fit in a plastic grocery bag, and have no small removable parts. I am
not responsible for any toys that children bring from home. All the children may use any toys that are brought from
home. I do not allow toy weapons in my program. Children may bring books from home for all of us to enjoy at any

Toys will be rotated and stored on a regular basis to keep children interested. Children will be expected to help pick
up all the toys, even if they were not the ones playing with them.

Children, including infants and toddlers, will go outdoors daily when weather permits. The children may be kept
indoors during inclement weather such as, any of the following: heavy rain, temperature above 90 F., wind chills of
0 F. or below, (children age two and under - wind chills of 20 F. or below).

Infants and Toddlers (children under the age of 2) will have a flexible schedule, which reflects the childs individual
needs. They will be given individual attention including lots of time for talking. The body position of a non-mobile
infant and their location will be changed frequently. I will provide safe, open spaces for children whom are creeping
and crawling. Infants and toddlers will be encouraged to play with a wide variety of safe toys and objects.

School-age children will have a quiet place to study or relax, access to appropriate materials and activities and will
have ample time for large muscle activities and to participate in food preparation.

Nap or rest time will be provided for all children younger than 5 years of age whom are in care for more than four
consecutive hours. Children who do not sleep my get up after 30 minutes, and children who awaken early will be
allowed to get up when the awake. I will help children who are awake find appropriate activities. I will launder the
bedding/sleeping bags after every 5 uses or sooner if necessary.

A crib or packnplay will be provided for children under 1 year of age. Children over 1 year of age will sleep in a
crib, packnplay, or in a sleeping bag on their mat.

Television and movies are not accessible to children. We may, on a rare occasion, watch TV or parts of movies, but
generally will not exceed 30 minutes per week.

We occasionally take field trips, including walks around the neighborhood. Emergency information for each child
will be taken whenever the children leave the premises. You will be notified of any field trip in advance requiring
transportation. On some field trips I may need a volunteer to help transport their child(ren) and to help throughout
the day. Such as, when we go to the Childrens Museum, Zoo, or any other place where there is a lot of activity.
Please note that I will be the only person transporting your child(ren), unless you are the volunteer, in which case I
will ask that you drive your own child(ren).

A schedule of daily activities is attached.

VIII. Child Guidance

Childrens behavior will be guided by setting clear limits or rules for children. I will talk with children about
expected behaviors and model those behaviors consistently for them. I will state positively what children can do,
using specific terms (i.e. you need to walk rather than dont run). Undesirable behavior will be redirected to
another activity. Children will be given a wide variety of age-appropriate activities to choose from and will be given
the attention they need before they demand it. Behavior management will be for the purpose of helping children
develop self-control, self-esteem and respect for the rights of others.

I will use behavior guidance that is fair, reasonable, and suited to the age of the child. I will use natural and logical
consequences for misbehavior. This may include time out or a break but usually it will be spending time in our
balance center. The balance center is not a time out space or negative space. It is simply a place where children can
go when they need a break or are overstimulated or overwhelmed.

A time out or break may be used when other techniques have not been successful. A time out will be used to
remove a child from a situation that has gotten out of control before a child could hurt himself or others. When used,
the timeout will immediately follow the behavior. When the time out is done, the child and I will talk about what
behavior was unacceptable, and what else he/she might have done differently. Rather than use a specific time out

spot, I will have the child take a break near the others so the emphasis is on relax/cool down rather that isolation
and punishment. The child will be praised after completing the time out and will be helped to rejoin the group. No
child under the age of 3 will be given a Time-out.

I recognize that no single technique will work with the children every time. If a child exhibits unacceptable behavior,
I will request a conference with the parents to consider how to deal with the behavior. If the behavior continues, the
next steps my include referrals to appropriate community resources, and/or discharge of the child from care.

In accordance will FHS 45 Licensing Rules for Family Childcare Centers, actions that are aversive, cruel or
humiliating and action that may be physiologically, emotionally or physically painful, discomforting, dangerous or
potentially injurious are prohibited. Prohibited actions include, spanking, hitting, pinching, shaking, slapping,
twisting or inflecting another form of corporal punishment on the child; verbal abuse, threats or derogatory remarks
about the child or the childs family; physical restrain, binding or tying the child to restrict the childs movements;
enclosing the child in a confined space such as a closet, locked room, box or similar cubical; withholding or forcing
meals, snacks or naps; or punishing a child for lapses in toilet training. These forms of punishment will never be
used, even at a parent(s) request.


I currently do not transport. In the future if I resume transporting children, I will transport the children by car only
with your written permission. My reasons for transporting the children may include, but are not limited to:
Field trips
Trips to the doctor, dentist, medical appointments, errands
Transporting school-aged children to and from school
Transporting children in the case of an emergency

When I transport your child(ren), I will secure them in an appropriate child seat or carrier as required by state law. I
may ask you to leave a car seat for your child(ren) with me to use when I transport your child.

When I transport your child(ren), I will take attendance both before we leave and after arrival to ensure that all
children are accounted for.

American Family Insurance carries liability insurance on my vehicles used to transport children.


The only pets currently on the premises are our fish and Douglas the dog. However, children are exposed to a variety
of farm animals such as, but not limited to, sheep, cows, cats and dogs. Exposure is due to the neighbors farm and
our own sheep. The children will be closely supervised when the animals are accessible to children to ensure that
both the children and the animals are protected from harm.

Douglas, our sheep dog stays down with the sheep, and not have access to the play area. Affiliated Insurance
Services, LLC carries liability insurance for dogs.

Prior to adding pets to my home, I will notify parents in writing.

If your child has pet allergies or is extremely frightened by particular animals, please inform me.


Emergency Procedures

My home has all the smoke detectors and fire extinguishers necessary to comply with state fire safety laws. Fire drills
shall be practiced with the children every month. In addition, tornado drill shall be practiced during the tornado
season, which is April through October.

In case of an emergency that would require an evacuation, children will be evacuated through the nearest exit.
Attendance will be taken and a list of phone numbers for parents and emergency contacts will be taken along to
ensure that all children are accounted for and all families notified. Children will be assembled at the farm, W8180
570th Ave (next door). There I will contact parents and emergency professionals if necessary.

In the event of a tornado warning or severe weather, the children will be taken to the basement storage room.
Blankets and a weather radio and flashlight with extra batteries for both are kept in the tornado shelter area at all
times. Also stored are bottled water and granola bars. Attendance will be taken and the emergency contact
information will be brought along.

In the event of a lost child, I will check all areas of my home. If the child cannot be found, the childs parents and or
the emergency contact person and the police will be notified immediately.

If my home should lose the use of heat, water or electricity while the children are in attendance, I will wait what I feel
is an appropriate amount of time before I call parents, and we discuss whether a child should be picked up.

You must keep me informed at all times of how I can reach you in an emergency, and then check your pager, voice
mail, and cell phone often. If you leave work early, go to another location for the day, or vary in your normal routine,
you must let me know how I can contact you that day.

Items to be provided

Here is a list of items that parents need to provide for their child(ren). Items shall be provided the first day of
attendance or before. If you would like me to provide any of these items, we will need to renegotiate your childs
weekly tuition. I prefer that all items stay here, until your child no longer needs them.
Disposable diapers
Lotions or creams
Sleeping Bag
Bottles (minimum of 3)
Formula or Breast Milk (I offer to provide Target Brand Iron Fortified Infant Formula. I do not charge extra
for formula.)
Pacifier (until 1 year of age)
Teething gel
Full change of clothing appropriate for the season, including underwear and socks
Clothing suitable for outdoor play each season
Medications (clearly labeled with your childs name and directions)
Pull-ups while potty training

If your child is being potty-trained, you will need to provide several sets of clothing each day AND pull-ups until the
child no longer has accidents on a regular basis. During the winter clothing for outdoor play must include: jacket,
hat gloves, snowsuit or pant, and boots. During the summer your child will need a swimming suit.


XIII. Orientation for Employees, Volunteers or Substitutes

Before an employee, volunteer or substitute ever has contact with any child enrolled in my child care they will be
given an orientation that includes the following:
Names and ages of children in care,
Arrival and departure times included authorized persons allowed to pick-up children
The location of child record
Each childs emergency contact information
Any specific information relating to special health needs including medications - disabilities - or special health
Procedures to reduce the risks of SIDS
An overview of our schedule including meals/snacks/naps and any additional information regarding infant and
toddler schedules
Procedures for dealing with emergencies
Procedures for reporting suspected abuse or neglect of a child
Procedure to contact parents if a child is absent without prior notification
Review of policies required under 250.04(e)
Review of chapter DCF 250 Family Child Care Centers
Review of DHS 12.07(1) regarding caregiver reporting requirements