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1.1 Profile of Business.

History of the Business, Present Condition (Competitive Advantage of

the Business, Key Resources, Who are the owners, what are the products they have? Who are
the main customers, SWOT Analysis? ETC. Company objectives.
1.2 Competitor Analysis. (Make a KPI analysis of the business that you study VS. a direct
competitor. Who is better in the different areas) KPIs should be linked with marketing and
SALE KPIs, human resource KPI, FINANCE and OPERATIONS KPI (minimum of 5 KPIs
per area. (present thru a table, a chart or any diagram of your choice as long as you explain
2.1 - 2.2 BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY APPLICATION. Explain first what a BOS is. Remember
that you will propose a BOS strategy because you want to help the business MAINTAIN THEIR
STRENGTH AND SOLVE THEIR WEAKNESS. Needed presentations are the following:
1. ERRC Framework. Explain what will be Eliminated, Reduced, Raise, and Create. Show
the framework and what needs to be ERRCed. Explain why do you propose the business
to do this (The explanation is because doing this can help them maintain strength and
cure weaknesses of the business) but you need to elaborate why and how.
2. Put a Strategy Canvas. Explain the canvas.
3. You have to explain the VALUE INNOVATION (low cost and differentiation) that will
result in your strategy canvas.
4. You need to explain the NEW MARKET SPACE that will be developed by your BOS.
Who will be the new market segment that will be attracted to your business? Make sure
that the new segment was a NON USER of the product/service before.
2.3 ANSOFF Matrix. Show different recommendations for each of the areas of the matrix
(Market Penetration, Product Development, Market Development, and Diversification).
JUSTIFY your recommendations. To further improve your arguments, you can show NPV, IRR,
BEP, Payback Period and other financial tools.