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Lizeth Loaiza

LBS 400
Math Reflection
The mathematics framework prepares students for their future life. They cover the detail,
the domains that all students must learn for all grade levels. These domains include addition and
subtraction, as well as the identity property of addition, identity property of subtraction, and
associative property of addition. They also include numbers and operations in base 10. Students
must understand decimal notation for fractions and compare decimal fractions. In geometry
students must draw and identify lines and angles, and classify shapes by properties of their lines
and angles. The framework is very helpful because it states what students need to have before
completing a grade level. Teachers must be aware of important teaching methods to ensure an
outstanding education for all students.
Mathematics has always been a passion for me, but with the help of Math 107, 207, 131,
143, and 153 and LBS 300 and 400 classes I feel more prepared. Math 107 prepared me a lot for
my future classroom because it was a hands-on class. In this class, I learned a lot about how to
explain to my students how to solve mathematical problems using manipulative objects. Math
207 prepared me in the subject of geometry and statistics. Math 143 prepared me to solve word
problems and how to think mathematically. I feel that even though Math 207 and 143 focused on
different subjects, they both prepared me the same way because they both focused on problem
solving. In these two classes I not only learned how to solve a problem, but how to teach the
solution to the problem. In these two classes I was assigned to work on a problem and then I had
to present it in front of the class, pretending that my classmates were my students. I believe that
these two classes not only prepared me in how to solve a problem, but they taught me how to be
more confident in myself. Math 131 prepared me in the subjects of statics, how to interpret data,

sample gathering, and drawing graphs. Math 153 prepared me in how to solve triangles using the
Laws of Sines and Cosine, also, in solving exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric
equations; and in finding the composition of two functions algebraically, and the inverse of a
function, both algebraically and geometrically. LBS 300 has prepared me a lot because in this
class I was lucky enough to do my fieldwork and gained valuable information. I learned how to
manage a classroom; I observed what students do every morning when they enter the classroom,
and how to set high expectation for all my students. During my LBS 400 I have been learning so
much valuable information that will help me in my future classroom. For example, I have
learned how to do lesson plans, how to keep students focused during a lesson, and I have learned
a lot about the Common Core State Standards and Frameworks.
The areas of mathematics that I feel well prepared and comfortable in teaching would be
in addition and subtraction, in measurement and data, also in algebra. I believe that all my
classes have prepared me adequately, therefore I feel secure and prepared about myself teaching
the subjects comfortably. The area of mathematics that I feel less prepared is in geometry. I know
that nothing is impossible; therefore I am planning on preparing myself to learn this subject
without difficulties. Also, I feel that the Common Core standards will help me prepare better.
The artifacts that I will include in my portfolio are my math lesson plan and a word
problem from Math 143. My lesson plan is an artifact because I feel very capable and
knowledgeable in teaching it. The lesson plan demonstrates my skills in mathematics because
mathematics has always been my favorite subject. The word problem is an artifact from Math
143 that shows every step that I encountered as I was going through the course. These artifacts
are examples that I have the skills and capacity to teach this subject without any difficulties.