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GCSE Music Unit 2 (42702)

Guidance notes Links to the Strand

The strand for 2015 is Popular Music of the 20th and 21st centuries.
Students can write in a style that suits their individual preference and knowledge. However, in
choosing a link to the Popular Music of the 20th and 21st centuries strand, they should identify
features or characteristics of music within that tradition.
When deciding on the style or genre of the composition to be undertaken, teachers and students
should not be intimidated by the thought that the music must link very closely to the designated
strand of learning. Links can include:
AoS1: Rhythm and Metre
Use of syncopation
Strong pulse
Rhythmic improvisation
AoS2: Harmony and Tonality
Harmonic patterns
Use of 7th chords
Melody harmonised using 3rds and 6ths
AoS3: Texture and Melody
Rhythmic and melodic riffs
Blues scale
Decoration of melody (single words sometimes)
Passing notes
Syllabic underlay, using original or existing lyrics
AoS4: Timbre and Dynamics
Big Band combination
Strong base line
Instrumental techniques (pizzicato bass)
Use of brass mutes
Use of accents
Small/large jazz combos
Solo instrumental/vocal feature within a larger ensemble
Vocal ensembles as found in musicals
Electronically-produced sounds
Sampled sounds
AoS5: Structure and Form
Arch shape
Use of Middle 8
Improvised sections within compositions
For further information please see guidance on this unit in Guidance document.

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