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Aileen Duran
Professor: Batty
English 113B
6 May 2015
Reflective Essay
This semester in English 113B, surprisingly taught me more than I expected. I got a better
understanding in how to organize an essay. I got help on fragments and run on sentences and got
a better view on the difference between the both of them. Also, during class we did exercises on
how to cite quotes and create a quote sandwich, which gave me a clear perspective on the right
format. The whole experience in English 113B with professor Batty taught me to become a better
writer by organizing, grammar and citing a well essay.
When organizing an essay it can become difficult, because many good ideas jump out to
us and finding the right format to put everything together can become stressful. The best way to
organize an essay would be to start with an outline. I personally need to write all my ideas down
first gives me a better aspect on how it will fit into my thesis. Also, professor Batty had us turn in
outlines before we turned in our essay. By doing this we got feedback, so when we had to write
our rough draft it would make it less complicated. Outlines are a great way to start organizing an
essay. You have your thesis, three main arguments followed by your facts. Before I had trouble
systematizing my paper, but with the help and feedback I got from the professor and the si
leaders I have improved on my writing skills. In conjunction with organizing there were great
chapters in the They Say I Say book we read which were helpful as well. The book was
interesting and beneficial and should be used all the time. I purchased mine and was glad I did
because it will help me with writing an exceeding paper.


Along my years in middle school, high school and college I had trouble with fragments and run
on sentences. I had an understanding of the meaning of the both, but I had a difficult time
changing them. When writing my essay the computer would say I had a fragment and I would
have trouble trying to make the sentence into a complete sentence. The same thing would occur
with the run-on sentences. Additionally the reading we did out of the They Say I Say book had
many good examples on how to them and that made it less troublesome. Also one great way my
professor was helpful was telling us about the LRC. I didnt know there were people willing to
help with essays and I had the chance to get constructive critizm. Even though, they dont help
with grammar they still helped on fixing them some grammar mistakes. Now that I know about
the LRC I will start to get more help on my upcoming essays.
Furthermore, I did not know there was a thing called a quote sandwich, but it is acutely
really helpful. You introduce it, quote it, and explain it. Before it would just put what the author
said in quotation markers without giving him credit. This would make my reader not really
understand how the quote connects to my paragraph even when it made sense to me. Also it is
plagiarizing and can cause me to receive a zero. Coming up with the quote sandwich was a great
way to help writers. My professor also stated about the website Purdue Owl which gave us the
right format to cite a direct quote.
In summation, I got the opportunity to be in 113B with professor Batty and to excel on
my writing skills. I made new friends and got help with fragments, run-on sentences, organizing
and citing quotes. All this will tie together and help achieve in becoming a better scholar.