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Social Studies Lesson Plan

Name: Karen Sanchez

Date: Feb. 12, 2015
Grade: 5
Time: 30 mins.
Arizona State Standards:
Concept 3: Exploration & Colonization
PO 7. Describe interactions (e.g., agricultural and cultural exchanges, alliances,
conflicts) between Native Americans and European settlers.
Common Core Standards:
Engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups, and
teacher-led) with diverse partners on grade 5 topics and texts, building on others' ideas
and expressing their own clearly.
Anticipatory set
Review content from previous lesson with relevant questions.
i.e. What two colonies have we read about? Who where the group of people that
conquered these new colonies? Who was the leader who conquered Florida? Who
was the leader who conquered New Mexico?
Content Area Objectives
I can make inferences based on graphic sources.
I can describe the Pueblo Revolt conflict between Native Americans and
European settlers.
Language Objectives
Students will discuss in small groups.
Students will share ideas during whole class discussion.
Social studies notebook (notes)
Revolt, settlers, region, inference
Teacher Actions:
Engage students in the anticipatory set (review of last weeks lesson).
Ask for volunteers to answer questions.
Write content area objective on the board and go over as a class.

Discuss what an inference is and place three pictures on the board for students to
analyze and write about.
Engage students in a class discussion about inferences they made about the
Compose AVID two column notes on the board to model for students.
Ask students to identify the 5W questions (who, what, when, where, why) from
the Pueblo Revolt reading.
Ask each group to discuss and to contribute one answer to the questions.
Write notes on the board to model AVID note taking.
Provide bottom line (closure) for students.

Student Actions
Discuss anticipatory set questions in table groups.
Share answers during whole class discussion.
Write the objective in their social studies notes and read objective aloud.
Analyze the three pictures on the board and write about each picture for two
minutes in their notes.
Share any inferences or observations they made about the pictures with the class.
Write their AVID two column notes in social studies notebook.
Identify the 5W questions from the reading as a class and write them in their
Discuss in groups and contribute to class discussion to answer the 5W questions.
Write bottom line in their notes and share with the class.
Students could add the cities we discussed onto United States map.
Teacher may need to add more guidance to students who are having trouble
making inferences or finding accurate information from the reading.
Students will summarize the Pueblo Revolt in exactly 10 words.
i.e. During the Pueblo Revolt, Pueblo people fought for their rights.
Assessment (Formative)
Observation of students.
Questions throughout lesson to check in with students.
Closure question as exit ticket.