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Herrera 1

Marcela Herrera
Professor Batty
English 113 B
12, February 2015
Colion Noir is on target
Try watching the news for three days straight and tell me you havent seen a story about
home invasions and shootings, notice that it is our responsibility to protect ourselves and the
ones we love. Therefore Mr. Colion Noir is exactly what our generation needs because as a
responsible gun owner he advocates for self-protection and gets us thinking and talking about the
conversation of being pro or an anti-gun owner. He asserts that it would be a great idea us to put
the 2nd amendment to practice, because those taking away our guns arent looking out for our
best interest. Various media outlets minimize gun enthusiast Mr. Colion Noir because of his
ethnicity, and since being African-American and holding a firearm equates danger Mr. Colion
Noir uses this physiological problem to demonstrate a change and thus strongly represents a
responsible legal gun owner who advocates for self-protection.
A truly hateful article written by author Jessica Goldstein, judge for yourself. Title of
article: The NRA Just Created Its Own Netflix to Convince Young People That Guns Are
Cool, published on thinkprogress.org - May 8, 2014. More like racist think progress. Goldstein
argues that the National Rifle Association is taking the wrong path by choosing Colion Noir to be
a spokesman in order to win more than non-white voters. Goldstein clearly racially profiles
Mr. Colion Noir by asserting his ethnicity constantly. Give the guy a break, he has been
uploading YouTube videos for 2 years know and since becoming an internet sensation he has

Herrera 2
been nothing but criticized, if Goldstein was conscious of Mr. Colion Noirs argument she would
argue his view upon the subjects like the 2 nd amendment instead of attacking him upon his
ethnicity. Furthermore as when she states that Mr. Colion Noirs is actually Collins Idehen, she
demonstrates the depths of imagining precisely how he was created. Can you imagine the pitch
meeting, trying to come up with the just-right fake name for the face of young black ownership?
You know noir mean black in French. French? isnt that a liberal-elite for our taste?
No, trust me, people are going to like it. BOOM. Best brainstorm ever! No doubt that
Goldstein builds her argument from being racist. Obviously She cannot accept the thought that
their exist minorities who successfully achieve goals in a world where dream do come true. If
she would have taken the time to watch Colions YouTube videos shed notice that Mr. Colion
Noir is to awesome to be manufactured and just happens to be black.
Gun enthusiast Collins Idehens (Colion Noir) is a well-spoken and well informed NRA
member that just happens to be black, adding commentators like him on the NRA punches holes
in the perception that the NRA which is only for aging and overweight Caucasian males. Ive
watched numerous videos of his YouTube videos and am delighted to hear that the National Rifle
Association has noticed Noir as a commentator (along with Natalie Foster and Dom Raso). Noir
is a practicing attorney. He reads fashion blogs, loves gadgets and drives a sports car and a
truck neither with a gun rack although he keeps a metal candy dish full of bullets in his living
room. I think infuriates the pro-gun community is that he isnt just black but he has an education
from the University of Houston and Texas Southerns law school, and did I mention that hes
black (well duh!) In other words he is more than just a hip actor reading lines provided to him
by the NRA. Since Mr. Colion Noir has become a sensational image he establishes, the black
community is giving him heat for being black and advocating for gun. Colion said he expected

Herrera 3
attacks, but he gets disgusted when critics highlight his race, Mr. Colion Noir is a legal
responsible gun owner whom advocates self-protection because certainly Obama cant be there
when were in trouble.
Colion Noir nra video quotes President Obamas speech in order to make it clear that selfprotection is in high demand because the society we live in is crazy, shooting are happening
constantly. Barack Obama states, 90% of Americans, 90% support background checks for those
in danger to themselves or a indicate to be a danger to others when buying a gun. The real
question should be Do you THINK background checks WILL keep criminals and people who
have been found to be a danger to themselves or others from buying a gun? says Colion Noir.
We dont need a survey to tell us that answer we have worldwide accounts, Newton, Aurora,
Virginia Tech. And especially not gun-restricting laws like in Chicago where only 20% of guns
are sold coming from 4 local gun stores, which has led to passing a unanimous law that prohibits
Chicago citizens to stop illegal gun use. Overall laws wont stop criminals from obtaining a
firearm it will only stop good citizens from buying guns because their respectable citizens. This
has created an ongoing debate about gun-control and is the main reason why Mr. Colion Noir
promotes self-protection.
Mr. Colion Noir is exactly what our new generation needs because he give
knowledgeable information to the general public pertaining to self-protection. In a world where
we are constantly hearing news stories where innocent victims are wrongly shot, and home
invasions are happening more often, it is important to be aware that it is our responsibility to
protect ourselves and the ones we love.

Herrera 4

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