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15 STARS Lyrics by Music by ALAIN BOUBLIL & HERBERT KRETZMER CLAUDE-MICHEL SCHONBERG Allegretto (4+= 72) . EB Chm E Gim/Fe E Gtm/D# B/DE P There, out in the —_——_—_ = in your mul- I JT —— oy chm EB Gim/B A AIFS B BT dark - ness, — A fu- gi-tive run-ning, - ti - tudes, Scarce to be count-ed, E Gtm/D# B/DR___ Cm E/Gt Gt A A/F God be my wit-ness,— I ne-ver shall yeild Till we ‘come face to Youare the sen - ti - nels, — Si- lent and sure, Keep-ing watch, in the 7 fe B Chim orese, Till we comeface to “face! He knows his way in the Keep-ing watch in the night. Youknow your place in the Msc nd Lyrics copyright ©1955 by Asin Boubld Masi Limited, Thisarangemeat copright © 1987 by Alsn Boul Mosc Lite, International opin secured Al nghs esr 16 3 mine is the way of the Lord, Those who do fol-fow the ‘You hold your course and your aim, And each in your season Re- Fim13 AIF# BT BE ET path of the right-eous Shall have their re - wards. And if they + tums and re-tums is al- waysthe same. ‘And if you —. fall, As Lu-ci-fer fell, fall, As Lu-ci-fer_fell, aq mf Gtm/DE ™p ‘And so it has been, and. so 7 Bmy/D AIce 4 Am/C EB Ect door - way to Para - dise,. ‘That those who fal - ter, And those who fall Must — E G/D Bm/D c Am D D7 Lord, let me find him, — That I may see him’ "safe bering co G Bm/Fe —D/FE Em GB oo Am9 Twill ne-ver rest — D G Bm/F# D/FR GE D7 ral, allargondo, swear, This swear by the “stars.