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Math Lesson Plan: Greatest Common Factor

Name: Karen Sanchez

Date: April 24, 2015
Grade Level: 5th
Arizona State/ Common Core Standards:
Content Objectives:

I can identify the greatest common factor of two or more numbers.

Language Objectives:

Students will discuss in small groups.

Students will share ideas in a whole class discussion.

Vocabulary: GCF, common factors, prime factorization

Materials: My Math workbook, lined paper, pencil, white board, marker, eraser,
two dice, Dice Race worksheet
Anticipatory Set: Ask students if they have ever baked a cake and what
ingredients they use. Use cake analogy to introduce the math topic.
Teacher Actions:
Engage students in the anticipatory set.
Discuss objective by having students read it aloud.
Elicit students prior knowledge about prime factorization.
Identify key terms (greatest common factor, common factor).
Discuss examples one and two in My Math workbook.
Provide procedures Dice Race game.
Pair up students to play 6 rounds of the Dice Race game.
Check student progress and assist.
Provide independent practice problems.
Discuss closure question.
Student Actions:
Discuss in groups the anticipatory set.
One spokesperson from each group will share with the class.
Volunteers will read the objective aloud.
Discuss the term factor by using prior knowledge.
Write vocabulary definition in notes.
Assist teacher with examples in workbook.
Listen to procedures of he Dice Race game.

Play 6 rounds of the game with a partner.

Work on independent practice.
Discuss closure question.

Teacher may need to provide more guidance if students need extra help
while working with their partner or independently.
How are factors helpful in solving problems?
Observation of students.
Discussion of closure question.

Make copies of work book pages and put in power point****

Board work problems:

Go over objective: I can identify the greatest common factor of two or more
Anticipatory set: How many of you have baked a cake?
What are some ingredients?
Cakes come from multiple ingredients and smaller parts. Do all cakes use the
same ingredients? No but a lot are similar. So if we break down all cakes, we
could find similar ingredients.
So today we are going to be doing something similar. We are going to have a
number and we are going to break it down into smaller numbers like ingredients
in a cake.
To factor a number means to break it up into numbers that can be multiplied
together to get the original number.
Take out a piece of paper for notes and a pencil:
Common factors: factors shared by two or more numbers
GCF: the greatest of the common factors of two or more numbers.
Open workbooks to page 557
Go over examples refer to recipe and finding ingredients that are the same.
Explain game, go over how to fill out work sheet