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Top 5


Los Anglos is the city of fashion, since Hollywood is in L.A you will find all the amazing
celebrity looks. There are many amazing shopping centers in L.A. Los Anglos is one of the mast
famous shopping cities in the world. In 2003 Los
Anglos was the fourth fashion city worldwide.
Many designers feel that Los Anglos

gives them more freedom in designing, because there are many people that have different
styles, which allows the designer to be creative.
Thats why there many amazing shopping mall
is Los Anglos. There is all kind of shopping centers in Los Anglos, so everyone will be pleased
by the price range and the quality.

Most of the celebrities are spotted in Rodeo

Drive due to the high-class stores located in Beverly Hills such as Dior, Channel, Louis Vuitton,
and Bottega Veneta. Rodeo is the place where
fashion icons shop such as Kim Kardashian.
Rodeo Drive is one of the famous places to visit
in L.A. Rodeo Drive also known worldwide for
best shopping places. The design of Rodeo Drive
is very unique because every store has it own
huge building so it can be fun while walking
through the palm trees and entering every store
separately. When you go to Rodeo Drive you will
be amazed by the exotic cars that are parking.
The common cars are Bentley, Lamborghini, and
Rolls Royce. The elegance of the place is just like
a dream.
Citadel Outlet mall is the only outlet mall in L.A.
Its a huge building that look like an old Asian
castle. It has many famous brands outlet with
a great discount. You can get great deals and
buy what you came for. They also have sales on
jewelry stores (you never know when you might
ask the question). There are also famous restaurants and coffee shops such as Starbucks. Citadel
Outlet is really famous outlet mall and it is one of
the main tourist attractions. The Citadel Outlet
mall has a really famous nickname, which is the
mall of the 5 freeways. These are some of the best
shopping centers in L.A.

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The City of


Another amazing family shopping center is The

Grove. The Grove is located in center of L.A. its
a very Luxury family oriented place where you
can shop in open doors. The Grove has the most
luxurious restrooms I have ever seen. In The
Grove you will find many famous fashion stores
such as Top shop, ZARA, and Barneys. Its has
the biggest Abercrombie and Fitch store with
three floors. There are women, men and kids
section. The Grove is a perfect place to shop with
your family. There is an amazing dancing fountain that entertains the kids while you can shop
peacefully. Here is also a luxury Theater with
all the latest movies. The design of The Grove is
amazing, where you can see every store in a villa.
The Grove also has a very fun candy store where
the kids can but their favorite candies.

Santa Monica Place is a stunning very modern

mall. Santa Monica Place has a very futuristic
architecture. The shopping mall is two blocks
away from the beach and Santa Monica Pier. Its
an open mall so its really refreshing. There are
variety of stores such as Tiffany, Bloomingdales,
and Crate & Barrel. Santa Monica Place has a
various cuisines such as, Mexican, Italian, and
Chinese. There is also a bar in the last floor,
which has a view of Santa Monica beach. The
shopping mall also has a free WI-FI. There is
also comfortable seating all around the mall,
for who want to rest then complete shopping.
Santa Monica Place also provides 90 minutes
free parking. These are the best 5 malls in Los

Fashion Island is one of the most magnificent

shopping center locations. Fashion Island shopping center is located in Newport Beach. The
location of the mall beside the beach gives you
a relaxing vibe, so you can shop better. Fashion
Island has a mixture of middle and high fashion stores such as Forever 21, Neiman Marcus,
Bloomingdales, and Nordstrom. The architecture
of the mall is very beautiful. Each store is connected to the other and there are many kind of
trees and colorful flowers. There are also a fountain and a Koi pond. The kids always love to see
the bright orange Koi fish. Fashion Island shopping center is dog friendly, so you can walk your
dog while shopping. Fashion Island shopping
center is the perfect place for tourist and families.
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Arabic Kunafa
Kunafa is one of the most famous and delicious dessert
in the middle east, Syria and Lebanon. People usually
eat Kunafa around 7 Oclock because its the time when
most families gather together. Los Angeles is known
as the place of having many international restaurants.
There are some Arabic restaurants here in Los Angeles
make Kunafa and it tastes the same as the Kunafa from
middle east, Syria and Lebanon because the people who
make it are Arabs and they know exactly the recipe of it.

Ingredients for Kunafa Layers:
1 lb ( 454 g ) Kunafa dough.

2 cups semolina flour.

cup butter, and it must be melted.

cup ( 400 mL ) milk.

2-4 drops of orange food color.

1 tablespoons lemon juice.
Ingredients for filling the Kunafa:
2 cups milk ( cold or worm ).

(170gm) thick cream.

2 tablespoons flour.

2 tablespoons semolina flour.

2 tablespoons corn flour (starch flour ).

1 teaspoon ( 10 mL ) blossom water

1 lb ( 454 g ) mozzarella cheese.

2 tablespoons sugar.

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Steven Gerrard is Moving to

Los Angeles Galaxy
Steven George Gerrard is a player who is loved
by evryone because he is one of Englands
soccer legends. Gerrard plays in Liverpool
Football Club which is known as the pride of
England because of the teams history. Gerrard
started playing for the Liverpools youth team
since he was 8 years old , and he played in the
team for 11 years. When he became 19 years
old he moved to the first team and until this
moment he is still playing with them which
means 17 years in the first team, because of
spending 28 years of his life playing for Liverpool Football Club he became one of the
teams legends. Gerrard plays as a midfielder,
and he reached 500 games this season with
Liverpool and scored 117 goals.
For the Englands national team he played 114
games and scored 21 goals. As an individual
player the history of Steven Gerrard is full of
achievements, during his whole career Gerrard
won 29 awards as a player of the year some of
them as a player in the English league and the
other as player in the national team. Also, he was
named in the team of the year 16 times. On the
other hand as player in Liverpool Football Club,
the team achieved 9 championships. In January
2015 Steven Gerrard has signed a two years contract to join the Major League Soccer (MLS) with
Los Angeles Galaxy soccer club starting with
them in July 2015 l, following the conclusion of
2014-2015 season with Liverpool Football Club.
Los Angeles Galaxy is an American professional
soccer team who play in the Major League Soccer in the United States.

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Major Soccer Leagues reputation has grown so

fast in the last few years because a lot of famous
soccer players joined it. Although the team was
founded 20 years ago, but it is still a new team
in the league. In addition, Los Angeles Galaxy is
considered as one of the famous soccer teams in
U.S. nowadays. During the teams career in the
last 20 years since it was founded, the team has a
good history by winning the MLS cup five times
(2002, 2005, 2011, 2012, 2014), winning the
MLS supporters shield four times (1998, 2002,
2010, 2011), winning the Lamar Hunt U.S. open
cup two times (2001,2005) and is one of two
MLS teams to win the Concacaf Champions cup
which they accomplished in 2000. Los Angeles Galaxy is known as the team who sign with
soccer legends the past 10 years, they have signed
with one of the Englands soccer legends 8 years
ago who is David Beckham.

. In July 2007 LA Galaxy has released one of

the biggest news in U.S. that time which is
signing David Beckham from the Spanish club
Real Madrid for five-years contract which was
the highest-profile signing in the history of
MLS League. LA Galaxy fans were happy and
excited when they heard the news as well as
nowadays when they heard about Gerrard. David Beckham has helped the team to win the
MLS cup two times during his period in LA
Galaxy. . Other significant signings includes
the professional soccer player from Ireland
Robbie Keane and one of the United States
soccer legends Landon Donovan who currently are the captains of the team. Los Angeles
Galaxy fans are excited for the next season because they think that a legendary soccer player
like Steven Gerrard will play for their team
and they hope that he would help the team to
win some championships.

After hearing the fans comments Steven Gerrard stated that he will do his best to help the
team to win some championships and he was
confident about impressing the fans of LA Galaxy. On the other hand, there are some people
who said that he became old his age is 34 years
old, and his performance isnt as good as last
few years. In addition, they think LA Galaxy
manager has made a mistake by signing Gerrard, instead of paying a lot of money to an old
player, he could have signed at least with two
other talented young players from different
countries and different soccer leagues.

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Which mid laner in League of Legends professional

players in North America can also play well as a
2015 LCS Spring season has reached a conclusion with Team Solomid beating Could 9 in a 3-1 victory. Though out this season, as one of the most
important role in the team, our mid laners continue to make play and carry
their team to victory. One of the example is Bjergsen from Team Solomid.
He has been shows great preferment time and time again. He can not only
snow balling the mid lane in most of the match, and also make great decision as the main shot caller in the team. With his lead, Team solomid not
only won the spring-split champion but also won the first international title
in many years. However, with the support role become more and more important. However, since there is not much god support around, especially
in the competitive level; and as people believed, a mid lane could as do well
in the support role. We have a very interesting question for you, which mid
lane in the NA LCS would you think can also play well as a support.
A Bjergsen
B Link
C Hai
D XiaoWeiXiao
E Shiphtur
F Pobelter
G Keane
H FeniX

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Kylie Jenner Ppersonal life, style, and about

her father
How does she get her lips so big you may ask?
Well based on social media sites they believe
that she has gotten plastic surgery not only
on her lips but throughout her body also. Kylie
Jenner is the biggest idol for many inspired
makeup artists in this century, however there
are some precaution they may want to take
before actually doing the whole Kylie Jenner
look. This particular Jenner is one that stands
out to my generation along with her sister
Kendall Jenner. Kylie Jenner however is more
involved with in fashion, makeup, clamor,
clothes, and many more specific characteristics
that make up her story.

Many girls that I have met that are fascinated

by the makeup industry simply do their makeup because that is what they enjoy and have a
passion for. There are many video tutorials
regarding Kylie Jenners style and I find it help
full if you are trying to get inspired by her.
Many women in todays society get influenced
by what men mainly say and believe the norm
should be for us.

Women in my perspective have a limit regardless of what they can do, use, and say. Media
like I stated before plays a huge role in the
mind of the women, women get in this motion
of being competitors and pleasing the male.
When in reality women should to things for
themselves and not care
about the man regardless of sex or any norms
placed on them.

Brands such as NARS along with other drug

store cosmetics does the job
for many girls that are trying to get the look
just like Kylie Jenner.

Kyle Jenner is a style icon. Her wardrobe can

be chic and stylist while still being effortless.
Nevertheless Kylie is rocking a simple black
dress with arm candy along with many more
accessories that make her whole outfit pop.
Basically what Kylie is now with holding is the
style just like her older sister Kim Kardashian.
On the image above we can see that NYX,
Sephora, and MAC lip linear along with lip
sticks in which all are about nude and light
colors are some of many Kylies favorites. MAC
has been the top makeup company since it was
established in Toronto when makeup artist
and photographer, Frank Toskan and beauty
salon owner. Frank Angelo brainstormed a
makeup line. Frustrated because of the lack
of colors that would shoot well with photography; their aim was to develop a studio line
makeup line that would fulfill their professional needs. Alongside with the NYX and Sephora makeup all their purpose is for the same

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Kylie is following in her footsteps in order to

achieve greatness within her look as a teen.
My vision of her actions are to just get into the
fashion side for herself and what better way
to do that then following in her older sisters
steps. Kylie was snapped at the airport Sunday
wearing an allover black outfit, a style Kim
usually favors while traveling.

Bruce Jenners 20/20 interview inspired millions of people to be courageous! And thanks
to him, Kylie found her strength and stood
up to Tyga, questioning him about his alleged
romantic texts with his ex, Blac Chyna.
Kylie Jenner went ham on Tyga, her boyfriend,
HollywoodLife.com Exclusively learned that
the 17 year old finally had the guts to put Tyga
in the hot seat over his alleged securing with
his ex, Blac Chyna. Due to her fathers courage
was that, that convinced her to stand up to
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L.A. night life


Hollywood is a district in the central region of

Los Angeles, California, in the United States.
It is notable for its place as the home of the
entertainment industry, including several of its
historic studios.

LACMA is the largest art museum in the western United States. It attracts nearly a million
visitors annually. It holds more than 120,000
works spanning the history of art from ancient times to the present. In addition to art
exhibits, the museum features film and concert
Project LA
Project LA: Is the central place to go if you are
trying to enjoy yourself. Exclusive, guest-listonly nightclub offers drinks, dancing and a
neon-hued color scheme. One of Londons
most exclusive nightlife venues, Project London, in conjunction with LA based Boulevard
Nightlife Group, is a venue with an emphasis
on friendly, all inclusive fun, and wild.

Surrounded the BCAM building and LACMAs

courtyard is a 100 palm tree garden, designed
by the Robert Irwin and landscape architect
Paul Comstock. Some of the 30 varieties of
palms are in the ground, but most are in large
wooden boxes above ground.
The street lights are functional, turn on in the
evening, and are powered by solar panels on
the roof of the BP Grand Entrance.
Originally the sculpture was inside the Grand
Entrance building and was outside in the
courtyard, both lent by the Broad Art Foundation. However both sculptures were removed
after being on display for 3 moths due to unexpected damage.
LACMA is a memorable space of art for which
I can speak on a level because it signifies the
difference which the space of Los Angeles can
be used to imply transformation with in the
culture that the towers are surrounded by. Copious amounts of people have been here, you
name it they have been here. The importance
of this suggests that LACMA is known by a
diverse community and that many people can
also identify with the space around them.

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We want to immerse our guests in that kind

of fun you have when you have no cares in the
world, we want our guests to completely forger
all their cares and worries, their past and
future, and for the time they are with us, just
exixt in the NOW, in the present, says Freddy Braidi, Managing Partner for Boulevard
Nightlife Group. Mounair Badaan & Jordan
Rocca, Founders and Managing Partners for
Project London chime in, We believe in providing prompt and exceptional service for our
guests, we want to fully anticipate their needs
and wants before they do, and welcome them
with open arms so they feel they are at their
best friends home.
Its not going to be all fun and games at Project. In an industry first, Project Los Angeles
will donate 2% of each bill to a charity. Project
LA plans on donating to 12 pre-selected charities of charitable organizations each year (one
per month).

Hollywood was originally a small independent

agricultural community. It merged with Los
Angeles in 1910 in order to obtain an adequate
water supply. At approximately the same time,
the film industry began to locate in the region,
seeking to take advantage of natural sunlight
that allowed year-round filming and a diverse
southern California landscape that provided
cheap scenery. In 1914, the director Cecil B.
DeMille decided to locate his studio in Hollywood permanently, and other companies
followed. By the 1920s, Hollywood had beaten
out rivals such as Culver City and Burbank as
the place most associated with the film industry, although in fact movie lots were scattered
throughout the Los Angeles area.
The growing power and romance of film made
Hollywood a cultural icon and a major tourist
attraction. In the 1950s and 1960s, Hollywood
also began to attract television studios and
record companies. While still home to many
entertainment-related companies and remaining a popular destination for starstruck visitors, the areas actual role in film production
began to lag in the 1970s. Soaring production
and living costs in Los Angeles led many
companies to seek opportunities elsewhere,
and Hollywood itself struggled with problems
associated with urban affliction. However
Hollywood serves as one of the most known
tourists places to visit till this day and I believe
it will never stop.

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It the architecture has more weird looking?

When we think abut many of the more modern architectures, we can soon recognize some
of most interesting stuff which we might have
seen somewhere. And the reason that they are
so recognizable is that their shapes are not as
ordinary as think a building should be. There
are many this kind building around the world.
And in Los Anglos, in my opinion, the most
iconic of them is the Wait Disney Concert
Hall. Designed by Frank Gehry, Wait Disney Concert Hall is the fourth hall of the Los
Angeles Music Center designs Wait Disney
Concert Hall. As an architecture landmark,
this building is also attracting many people by
its unique feature. Some might think that will
there be more of this kind of building coming
up? In my opinion it could very well happen
if they meet these requirements, which are
wasting little to no space, no side effect, and
reasonable cost.

The space using is a very important aspect in

architecture design, especially when we are
talking about the design that can be done by
modern technology. In the modern architecture design, there are many mistakes. One
of them is designers are more focus on how
their designs look not how good the spaces
their create can be used. Therefore, if you look
inside some building, which might looks very
interesting, you can find many unusable spaces. Those spaces are course by the shape of the
building. When we talking about side effect,
we are talking about the problem the building
bored that was not consider in the original
design. Let talk about Wait Disney Concert
Hall again. These iconic building is well know
for people around the world, especially if you
study architecture.

20 | City of Angels | www.cityofangels.com | issue #12

When we talking about side effect, we are talking

about the problem the building bored that was
not consider in the original design. Let talk
about Wait Disney Concert Hall again. These
iconic building is well know for people around
the world, especially if you study architecture.
However, after it was build, the building did
case many problems. Because the building was
too shiny, which cause by the materials it used,
it reflects some concentrated light to the surrounding area. If it were built on places with low
sunshine, it would be ok. However, it was build
in California with its famous sunshine thought
out the year. This caused rising temperature to
nearby buildings and sometimes blinds drivers
from looking the traffic lights, until they sandblasted the some area of the building to fix the

The other most important aspect, may be the

most important of all, is the cost of the building. The financial gaps is one reason, which
makes many design stay on the paper, despite
how great they might look. When we think
about build a new building, most people are
more focus on how good they are or they look.
However, for those who pay the money to
build those building there are more than the
look of building they need to think about. And
most important of all for them is money. Great
architecture costs great amount of money.
The Walt Disney Concert Hall itself cost 130
million dollars, and if you count the parking
garage, which build for it, there will be much
more cost on that. Although it is not a very big
building, it did cost by its design. If you compare to the Empire State building which would
cost 635 million dollars if it were building in
2015. And that is more than 6 times bigger
than the Concert Hall. The modern design and
new materials it required will make cost even
higher if designer want the building looks
more fantasy to meet their dream. Therefore,
if one can put a weird design into a real building, he or she must find balance between great
feature and cost.

Many people believe that more these kind of

building could benefit where they build. If
you only count in term of tourism, the answer might be yes in some aspect. However,
without a careful analysis those building do
not give people much beside the functions of
buildings. For example, in China, there are
many new building with very unique features
were built in the last few years. Many of them
do not bring much benefit, and some of them
you might not even hear anything out of them
until you read criticism on some website.
Over all, it is reason that we all want to have
more weird looking building to make our
city more beautiful. However, only by meeting those requirement above can those design
become reality.

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Tourist Guide: LA Night Life

Clubs/ Arenas:

Pico Rivera Sports Arena

Hollywood Strip

Club Nokia

Exchange LA

Boulevard 3

Dragon Fly

Elevate Lounge

Circus Disco

LA Cita

Sixty six

Tried looking at those houses, which almost looks like the same? Want to
get a house from the future? Although looking movies is one way to deal
with that. The real solution is with the Futurehome, the future housing
company that make many peoples dream become true. With the help from
our advanced technology you can make your dream come true.
With some simply but useful steps, you can have a house that only you can
imagine, and with a reasonable prize. Whatever they might look or functions they might have, if you can think it, we can make it.
For more information, please check on futurehome.com

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Seven Grand
Villains Tavern
Piano Bar
Bar 107
Cana Rum Bar
Ye Rustic Inn
Busbyi East
The Down & Out
Frolic Room
Las Perlas
Eastside Luv
Melody Bary & Grill
Little Bar Lounge
The Short Stop
The Edison


The Comedy Union

Alameda Strip

Flappers Comedy

Ha Ha Caf

Laugh Factory

Six Flags

Universal Studios Hollywood

Open Mic

Insomia Caf

The Echo

LA Live

The Mayan

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Food favorites in the Dodger Stadium

The Dodger Stadium is where people gather around to watch sport games and eat. For
many years the Dodger stadium was the
people most favorite attraction in Los Anglos.
Many people feel that the Dodger Stadium just
gives them the feeling of carnivals where you
can watch games and have amazing tasty food.
There are many kind of food you will find such
as Pizza, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Meatball sandwich and burgers.

Although Pizza is known to be an Italian
traditional food, its actually were made by
Ancient Greece around 600 B.C. The Greeks
created flat bread that was called by another
name at that time. The flat bread was made
to feed poor people because it doesnt cost to
make and it doesnt take long time to prepare.
The word Pizza was created by the Italians
around 997 A.D. The Italian have developed
the Pizza to many different styles. So thats why
Italy is most known for Pizza. Italians and
Greeks are known for using fresh herbs, garlic,
and fresh tomatos in their dishes. Pepperoni
Pizza is most known in the Dodger stadium.
The pizza is made with dough and a thin crust.
The Pizza sauce is a tomato and garlic and
topped with delicious pepperoni.
24 | City of Angels | www.cityofangels.com | issue #12

Actually its kind of a tradition to have these

tasty snacks while watching the sport games.
Many people go to the Dodger stadium just
to eat these amazing rich dishes. Although
the dishes that are served are not healthy but
people buy it, because it taste good, the sauces are magnificent, and the smell is heavenly.
Hot dogs were first place at selling with 63%
of total food. What makes these dishes tasty is
the strong garlic taste. Garlic is used in most of
the Dodgers dishes.

Hot Dogs
Sausages were created a long time ago around
the 9th century B.C. The traditional Hot Dogs
traditional place is Frankfurt Germany. In 1987
Frankfurt city celebrated Hot Dog 500th birthday. The hotdogs wasnt introduced to the United States until 1893 and since it was the most
famous stadium foods. In the dodger stadium
there is a famous sandwich called Dodger dog
and its very delicious. Dodger dogs were created
at 1962 and till now it is one of the most famous
hot dogs in the United States. The Dodger dog
costs around 5.50 dollars. For more than 4o years
Dodgers dog are people favorites. The Dodger
dogs are made from beef and some of the sauce
ingredients are pickles, and caramelized onions.

Nachos were invented by Ignacio Anaya.
Ignacio Anaya served the first Nachos to U.S.
military wives in restaurant called Victory
Club in Mexico. And it was named Nacho after
his nickname. Dodger Nacho is served on a
helmet, which you can take as a souvenir. On
the Nacho there are sliced stakes, cheese, sour
cream, beans, and more. These tasty ingredients make a very flavored dish that blows your
mind form deliciousness.

Meatball Sandwich
Meatball Sandwiches are very rich flavored
meatballs that will remind you of New York
famous food trucks, because they are both
worth every penny. It is really tasty and the
sauce is heavenly good. The meatballs are large
with a tomato sauce and cheese. The meatballs are made from 100% beef and with fresh
ingredients. Some of the sauce ingredients are
tomatos, garlic, oregano, and cheese. Try a bite
and you wont regret it.

Burgers are one of the most important foods
in American history. Burgers usually at first ingredients are beef patty, bread, tomatoes, pickles, and cheese. Burgers then became a worldwide famous food or sandwich. Then many
varieties of burgers were created like chicken
burger, vegie burgers, and more. Dodger burgers are really delicious and they are inspired
by the In-N-Out burgers. Although In-N-Out
burgers are not really fat no prepare but it
worth your time, because it is really tasty, soft
bread buns, and juice beef patty.

These are the most famous Dodger Stadium dishes of all time. So plan a day to visit the Dodger Stadium and
just taste the amazingly delightful food. And also dont forget to watch the game to make your night even more

Bon Appetit!

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Recipe for a delicious sauce

Volkswagen Next generation


Recipe for a delicious sauce


1 medium size Onions (chopped really

Mushrooms as needed (sliced)

2 cloves of Garlic (crushed until it becomes a paste)

Oregano spice (half tablespoon)

Paprika spice (half tablespoon)

Whip cream (1 cup)

Ketchup (3 tablespoons)

Salt and pepper (half tablespoon each)

Vegetable oil (1 tablespoon)

Parsley for decoration
(chopped really small)

3500 B.C. - Invention of the wheel facilitated agriculture and commerce, as well as easing the burdens of people
traveling great distances.
9th to 11th century Invention of the compass enabled mariners to navigate safely far from land, increasing sea
trade and contributing to the Age of Discovery.
1876 - Invention of telephone enabled people to communicate with each with far distance any time anywhere.
1879 - Invention of the light bulb lighten the world and change the way people live forever.
1960s - Invention of Internet connects the world into a small village and makes the information era comes true.
Today Invention of Volkswagen Cosmic

How to prepare:

Step1: turn on the fire to medium high.

Put the onion in a pan without oil. Add
water to the onions if it drys. Do this process
over and over until the onions get the caramelized color. After the onions are caramelized
add the oil and garlic paste. After that add the
mushrooms and let it cooks for 5 minutes.
After the mushroom becomes tender, add the
spices and let it cook with the spices for 1 minute. Then add the ketchup and the whip cream
and let it cook for 2 minutes. Then serve the
sauce with any dish you like, but it will be
very nice with burgers and hotdogs. Add the
parsley above the sauce for decoration. So here
is a very simple and tasty sauce to go with your

Bon Appetit!
26 | City of Angels | www.cityofangels.com | issue #12

issue #12 | www.cityofangels.com | City of Angels | 27

Is Los Angels a good place to get a home?

Choosing where to live is always one important aspect that people think about in their
lives, especially in the economic state these
days, people keep move from one places to
another to find a better job. For most of the
people, to live as closer as possible to the work
place is important. The reason mainly is to
cut out more time between home and work
place. To these people working in Los Angels
(LA), be able to get a home inside LA will be
vey good. However, is LA a good place to get a
home? From what I have read, I do not think
the answer will be yes.

Frist of all, rents in LA are high and have risen

quite a bit. As the more reasonable choice for
most of the people, rent a home is much better
than buy one. Because people are more likely
to change their job after few years, and the
economy is not very good in recent years. To
find another job in the same area is not very
likely to happen to most of people. However,
according to an article LA Storeys; Housing
In Los Angeles, the percentage of income people used to pay rent is higher than any other
city. One of the reasons is that the rents in LA
have risen more than 25% since 2000. 25%
increase is a very big gap for many people who
are not very rich; especially in the same time
most of peoples income are decreasing. To
be able to pay this amount of rent very makes
many families facing financial difficulties.
Therefore, the expensive rent make LA a bad
place to make home.

28 | City of Angels | www.cityofangels.com | issue #12

The other reason that makes LA not a good

place for housing is that LA is facing a good
shortage of affordable housing. A recent report
from the California Housing Partnership Corp
states that LA needs nearly another a million
homes with below-market rents. There are
many reasons may have caused this problem.
Some of the plans were cancel or cut back
because of neighbors protest. Of course, these
people have their right to do so. However, it
did make new house less than the city requires.
There is another reason is, according to article
LA Storeys; Housing In Los Angeles that
LA restrictive zoning laws make developers
very difficult to build high-rise or high density housing. This might result from the local
culture of LA about their neighborhoods. This
shortage of house clearly not only increased
the rent in LA, but also gives new comers very
limit choice to make where they should live.
Many people have to live much far way than
they should in order to get a reasonable house.
If LA cannot find a solution to fix this problem, which is unlikely happen very soon, this
city is not very good for people looking for
new place to live.

There are some other opinions on this matter. One

of them is that some people say that there are many
other cities have higher average rent than LA. If
we just look at the rent itself, then there are some
cities have higher rent. For example, New York is
one of the cities that its average rent is higher than
LA. Or San Francisco, which is more close to LA,
is also higher than LA in term of rent. The problem
is these people are tunnel vision on rent itself, and
there are other aspect that decide wither the rent
is expensive. High rent is not always means rent is
expensive. In those places, which have higher rent
than LA, people also normally have much higher
income than LA. Therefore, the rent does not take
very high percent of peoples income, and people
have more choice to pick what house I like or where
they live.
As one of the biggest in America, LA has many
good aspects to make people to live there. However,
use those to encourage people to live in LA is not
longer effective. If the problem of expensive rent
and shortage of new house continue, LA cannot become a good place for people to make their home.
LA Storeys; Housing in Los Angeles. The Economist, 412.8901 (2014): 24-47.

issue #12 | www.cityofangels.com | City of Angels | 29

Los Angeles Clippers vs San Antonio Spurs

Most American people have been busy watching the playoffs games between two of the
most famous basketball teams in U.S the LA
Clippers and San Antonio Spurs. Basically
the way they play their playoffs in Basketball
tournaments is unique, the rule says they play
7 games in 2 weeks and the team who qualify
must win 4 games out of the 7 games. Until
this moment both teams played 5 games. The
first game was on April 19 at San Antonio
Spurs home, LA Clippers played a really good
game and they deserved to win the first game,
the score was 92 for the Spurs and 107 for the

The second game was after 3 days from the first

one on April 22, it was also at Spurs home and
they played a wonderful game and great performance from players, the score was so close
between the two teams it was 111 for the Spurs
and 107 for the clippers. After those two games
the supporters for both teams were satisfied
about the results and excited about the upcoming

The third game on April 24 was at Clippers

home and the Spurs players were feeling more
enthusiasm than the clippers players because
of the win in the second game and they want
to take the lead, the game was a little bit easy
for the Spurs players because they won with a
huge deference in the score, the score was 10073 for the Spurs.

After the defeat in the third game the Clippers

players were training hard to get back, and their
hard work and efforts were not in vain they made
a great victory in the fourth game on April 26
which it was in their home between their fans,
they won by 114-105 for them.

On April 28 the fifth game was at Spurs home,

at the beginning of this game there were a lot
of stress between the players, each player was
trying to his best to help his team to win this
game, finally the Spurs players experience
made a difference in the game and they defeat the clippers by 111-107, the score was too
close it was just 4 points in the last seconds.
Overall LA Clippers won 2 games and San
Antonio Spurs won 3 games which make them
take the lead and there are just two games left.

The sixth game will be on Thursday April 30 at

the Clippers home, this game will be like a final
game for the Clippers players because if they lost
that game they will get kicked out of the tournament. Definitely the Clippers will play with
different tactics and more passion because they
want to win the game so both teams will have
the same number of winning games which is 3
games for both and the seventh game will decide
who qualify. On the other hand the Spurs players
will play without feeling stressful but at the same
time they will enter this game with just one goal
which is to win.

30 | City of Angels | www.cityofangels.com | issue #12

In addition, the Spurs players will have the

courage this game because if they win they will
qualify to the next round. Most people expecting that the Spurs will win the sixth game and
they will qualify to the next round, the reason
that they say that is because of the historical
statistics about the games played between the
Spurs and the Clippers with their all-time
head-to-head records against each other which
is 165 games in the NBA seasons and playoffs.

In the NBA regular season games they played a

total of 156 games, the San Antonio Spurs had
the victory in 121 games while the Los Angeles Clippers won 35 games. For the playoff
all-time record they played a total of 9 games,
the San Antonio Spurs won 7 games and The
Los Angeles Clippers won just 2 games. While
there are some few people who says that the
game will depend on players performance and
how they play, but the historical statistics will
not affect anything because it is just numbers
about what happened in the past, as one of the
famous quotes says yesterday is a history and
tomorrow is a mystery, so who knows what
will happen in the next game!

issue #12 | www.cityofangels.com | City of Angels | 31

The new basketball Nike shoes which

called ( Magista Air Max ) was made especially by LeBron Jamess suggestions
and it was made in France giving the shoe
a luxury feel. It is lighter than any other
basketball shoes and because of weighing
just 2 lb it will make you run fast. While
training, Basketball players are trying to
improve their jumping because basketball
depends on jumping and throwing the
ball. By wearing these new shoes it will
help you to jump higher because of the
high heel and the air unit in the heel. The
shoes has 3 different colors give it (grey/
black/purple), (full black), (red/black).
The price for this shoe is $100.

Hi Im Talal Aldhahi. Im from Kuwait; its a small

country in the Arabian Gulf. I live with my parents
and three little sisters. I have many hobbies such as,
drawing, cooking, and diving. My favorite sports are
swimming and hiking. My favorite color is gray. I love
burgers, and pastas. I know how to cook Chinese,
Italian, Indian, and Arabian food. I love to laugh and
being crazy all the time. My favorite movie is Titanic.
My favorite song is Some one like you by Adele.

Hi, my name is Hussam Basamh, I am from Saudi

Arabia. I am 21 Years old. I have a lot of hobbies such
as photography, any kind of sports but the most sport
I like is soccer. I would like to be a professional soccer
player in the future. I like singing at any place and any
time. Every day is a new day for me; I work hard and
study hard so I can achieve my dreams someday.

My name is Guadalupe Ceja and I am 19 years of

age. Some of many things that I love to do is be surrounded by the people I love most, which include
my family and friends. I am Mexican American and
I love my culture that is made up of fashion, music,
food, and happiness. My favorite color is violet and
I would say in this moment in my life I am moving forward with all that has been placed over my
shoulders. I am someone who over looks flaws yet
all I want is someone to later build a dynasty based
on loyalty respect and love in my far future.

My name is Yichen Qin from China. I came to America is continue my study. I personally like to spend
most my time during the day to do whatever I like to
do the most at that time. And I put most my study
time at the night. In fact, most of my works were
done in the mid night. I have some habits and most of
them somewhat relate to comic story. And also for my
fathers influence, I also interested in architecture in
unique looking. However, despite my fathers achievements on that area, I am not very good at architecture

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