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Ceja 1

Ceja, Guadalupe
Professor DeGraffenreid
English 113B (12:30pm)
05 February 2015
Dream Navigators Journey at CSUN
Dream navigators are those who want to help navigate our dreams. They are found
throughout the California State University, Northridge campus, such as in the learning resource
center, math lab, career center, tutors, advisors, and professors. The dream is our engine to
academic success. Our purpose is to obtain a college degree, happiness, and also to learn about
academic and social experiences. Why did you come to college? The purpose is what we ask for,
why wouldnt you attend CSUN? Despite the fact that UCs are more popular to get into, CSUN
is a better choice as a local four year university for its diversity, peer education, and its incredible
sports and clubs.
Diverse communities in CSUN are found everywhere with in culture, gender, and class. It
is very important that California State University, Northridge mirrors the community in which it
is located in. CSUN is intertwined with a student body with the average breakdown of race and
ethnicity by 40% Hispanic/ Latio, 26% White, 11% Asian, 6% Black or African American
students (Collegeboard.org). No matter what ethnicity nor race you are, there are many students
on campus that enjoy having a social life so I guarantee you that you will not be alone. Social life
also plays a major role in diversity within CSUN. Social events that occur on campus bestow on
the students full participation. Events that are coming up such as: Craft Corner: Design Stained
Glass, Noontime Concert, LGBTQ Coffee Nights, Neon Nights: 90s Valentines Day, LA Nights,
and many more contribute a big part as a community outreach in CSUN (CSUN: Events). Also,
the Associated Students (A.S.) provides excellent meaningful programs and services designed to
enhance and create a spirited learning focused learning environment. A.S. is the official seat of
student governance for the campus and some of the groups you could be a part of today vary

Ceja 2
from the childrens center, outdoor adventures, production, recycling, sport clubs, and ticket
office. The great thing about the ticket office is that you can get discounted tickets for theme
parks, movies, school events, and far more by simply being a student at California State,
Peer education invites community members to promote health enhancing change among
their peers. Groups like the Blues Project, Jade, Project D.A.T.E, and the CSUN Helpline are all
peer educational led groups that advocate health promotion. These groups may not be found in
every UC nor CSU University. On the other hand CSUN provides groups that help students get
through tough situations they may be in. Experience Confidence and Enjoyment in Learning
programs (ExCEL) are individualized counseling and group workshops designed to help you
enjoy your learning opportunities at CSUN. Learning does not have to be experienced as a
tedious and boring activity. That is why ExCEL provides help rediscovering that enthusiasm,
curiosity and confidence in learning through their programs (CSUN: ExCEL). These programs
are all located in the University Counseling Services.
As a second semester freshman student I have personally dealt with problems that are
unbearable. I had low self of esteem, stress, depression, relationship problems, family problems,
college shock along with not feeling well with myself. During the 2014 semester I didnt feel like
myself at all. But thankfully in my freshman seminar class we had different presentations of the
University Counseling Services. Along with all the outstanding programs the Counseling Service
has to offer I decided to join counseling and it was by far one the most important things that has
shaped the person I am today. Thankfully I was able to outgrow all the situations due to CSUNs
Numerous categorizes in the peer education section I assure you will grab your attention.
SI leadership, EOP (Educational Opportunity Program), SHP-PEP (Student Health Professionals
Pre- Entry Program), and workshops are some of my favorites. I am part of the EOP and SHP-

Ceja 3
PEP programs and I believe these groups to be very helpful for an undergraduate first generation
college student like myself. EOP provides services to low income, educationally disadvantaged,
first- generation college students. It was of much help being enrolled in this program because I
found things out about CSUN that I would have never found out on my own. Mentoring,
academic support services, student engagement, and financial support: EOP Grant (if eligible)
were some of the few things this wonderful program offers. SHP-PEP is also a student centered
program which provides counseling, guest speakers, and academic survival skill classes
specifically tailored to the needs of the pre- health professional student. SHP-PEP emphasizes on
the need for guaranteed towards enhancing the likelihood that you will persevere in your health
professional career pathway (CSUN: College of Science & Mathematics). I have participated as
a SHP-PEP and EOP member for a weeklong stay at the dorms in CSUN that prepared me to get
a sense of what the college life would be like. I have always pictured college differently but
being a part of CSUN made me realize different view of college and the different aspects with in
school and outside.
As a college student you need to make sure your wellbeing is taken care of, fist and for
most; being part of sports and clubs is a great way to keep you on track with your health along
with extra curriculums. CSUN happens to offer a variety of available popular sports such as
Cheer, Boxing Club, Hip- Hop, Mens Basketball and many more. These following are a list of
available sports at our campus. Along with having these sports available there is also the SRC
(Student Recreation Center) where alumnis may attend and get their daily workout done in order
to stay fit. Unlike any UC or CSU out there CSUN provides a health counselor, personal trainer,
and workout classes inside the SRC, how great is that? While you have your usual medical health
clinic back home CSUN provides its students with health services that are already included in the
tuition and fees. The Klotz Student Health Center invites you to get involved in one of the most

Ceja 4
important parts of staying healthy and getting all your health questions answered. The Klotz
Student Health Center basically informs all students about their health rights just like your
regular doctor would. Klotz physicians are board certified that also home to specialties in
physical therapy, chiropractic services, massage therapy, optometry, podiatry, dentistry, substance
use, and womens and mens health.

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