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Ceja 1

Ceja, Guadalupe
Professor DeGraffenreid
English 113B (12:30pm)
07 May 2015
Running with my lovely hook
Advertisements all over the world can be found everywhere from what we choose to eat
to our drive back home. Have you ever wondered what captivated your attention towards a
picture or what does eating a certain food remind you of? Well the reasoning behind this is the
three great appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos. When identifying the arguments and appeals with
in ethos, pathos, logos connects are in play. Selling products of any sort along with identifying
arguments within advertisements also ties back to the same aspect of marketing products (Visual
Rhetoric- Argument). The intended argument takes over manipulation with in the real argument
that gives the result while the intended audience performs the targeted demographics.
An average smoker needs over five thousand cigarettes a year according to the getting
unhooked advertisement it is a tactic used by the National Health Service (NHS) production in
order to perform and distribute their smoke free adds. Getting unhooked is much easier than you
think also is an informative based on the group that needs help. Whereas the Nike advertisement
incorporates all three rhetorical appeals that target a specific group of women and their power
towards men due to Nike products. Although some may argue that the pathos is much stronger in
the hooked smoke free advertisement the ethos, pathos, and logos in the Nike advertisement is a
well-developed source along with its argument of women come first and men come second
causing the Nike add to be more successful towards its viewers.
Pathos in the hooked advertisement presenting the cigarette add is basically mentioning
the success of playing games on peoples emotions. When you initially see a girl hooked like a
fish it is not an everyday thing that you see this happening, therefore the audience will connect

Ceja 2

with their feelings and maybe even touch their lip because they may imagine themselves with a
hook on their lip, incredible right. It is such a disturbing picture because pathos is an emotional
appeal that means persuading by appealing to the audiences emotions. Language choice affects
the audiences emotional response in which can be positive for love and excitement but negative
for this instance for the purpose of pain. Pathos in the smocking add triggers motions of anxiety
such as: fear, worry, sadness, artistic sensibility, nostalgia, and sense of adventure, desires,
horror, disgust, and many more. However the initial feeling we feel when getting a glance at this
advertisement as you read the text of the average smoker needs over five thousand cigarettes a
year show us the need in which a heavy smoker is in need of his or her cigarettes and what that
can do to the consumption of nicotine in which gets your addicted to the cigarette. This is a very
powerful tool that they use because it is the main attention grabber in which everybody will get
emotionally distressed by.
The young girl in the smoke free advertisement represents ethos in a way that is
discomforts the audience. The hook is the place where one may get discarded because of the
notation towards the image. Ethos therefore refers to the trustworthiness and credibility of the
image that is invoking a free from smoking ads. Ethos is often conveyed through tone and styles
of the message through the way the writer referring to different views. It can also be affected by
the writers reputation as it exists independently from the message his or her experience to what
is being presented. The impact of ethos towards the audience is presented as ethical appeal or the
appeal of credibility since the audience is set forth.
Logos in the smoke free advertisement is presenting the Get unhooked. Call 0800 169 0
169 or visit get unhooked.co.uk information for the viewers because they are intended to
captivate the audiences attention. The logic in the advertisement is used to support the claim of

Ceja 3

not smoking. It can also be presented by the facts and statistics used to help support the
argument. The smoke free industry is therefore presenting a smoke free advertisement with a
little girl to enthrall the audiences attention. The National Health Service (NHS) is a provider for
health care for all UK citizens based on their need for healthcare rather than their ability to pay
for it, this is funded by takes. Hence the smoke free advertisement is held by the NHS so that it
can present an actual supporting base. Any group of people as a whole may be attracted to this
advertisement in general however those in needs may actually contact this provider so they may
get the service they are looking for.
Nike has made history for being a globally known label. They do not only fascinate the
audience in all aspects, but they also get people to feel a sense of need for their products. The
Nike advertisement grants women with the right that they come first and in lead men come
second. Therefore the Nike advertisement is a credible source towards the audience because the
reaction towards this image is powerful and moving. In this ad Nike targets women to take part
in a challenge against men. It plays on the classic saying of ladies first and uses pathos to stir
feelings usually associated with this saying. This saying puts women unequal to men usually
putting them first because men are stronger and need to do things like open doors for women.
However, it twists this by using the picture of a female runner to insinuate that this is an athletic
challenge and that women can beat the men. Presented with the challenge Nike hopes that
women will see their model as in inspiration to get out and get in shape and do so in their
clothes. This ad specifically is for Nike Plus a name that uses logos considering that although
they are a well-established company with many great products that this line is Plus, it's elite. In
order to take part in the challenge and prove themselves they must enter at Nike plus online
which will most likely direct them to a website full of chances to buy the products that can

Ceja 4

improve their performance and give them the best possible chance in winning the challenge over
men. Nike has used pathos, logos and ethos in this ad by playing on women's feelings of being
inferior to men, using an in shape and professional looking runner in Nike Plus gear to establish
credibility and show their customers that logically an elite runner needs the best.

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