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Banuelos 1

Dayana Banuelos
English 114B
Professor Wafa Azeem
9 May 2015
Reflective Essay
Being a student in English 114 has been a growing and learning experience. This
semester, we covered a lot of interesting topics such as space, both physical and virtual space,
and how we interact with people online versus in person. I analyzed applications used by the
young audience, especially, such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Skype and how we use
these sources to stay connected with our friends and significant others. This was interesting
because it had to do with society and technology today. The professor assigned books that really
made us think about the future and how life could be different if technology keeps advancing at
the rapid pace it is growing today.
I learned a variety of skills and topics in English class. One of the most memorable
subjects about English was the term digital natives. Digital natives has been the most recent term
to identify people who have influenced the advancement of technology. This term was new to me
and as I reflect on the class, I now realize that this semester really revolved around the topics of
space and technology and how humans react and interact with these sources. I loved this
semester because it was relevant to todays topics and it was so easy to share my input and
thoughts on the world and the advancement of technology. Also, towards the final weeks of class,
we read a book called, Never Let Me Go. We had many in class discussions about what made us
human. Many of us had different answers, such as being human means having a soul,

Banuelos 2
reproduction, build relationships with others, and more. This discussion could go on for days,
and we could write and argue about this topic continuously.
After completing English 114B, I have noticed how much I have grown and developed as
a writer since taking English 114A last semester. I had the same professor for English114A and
English114B, and the benefit from this is that a professor can see your growth as a writer for not
just one semester, but for two. In English 114A, I was never able to receive an A on any essay.
No matter how much I tried, the highest grade I received was a B+. Now this semester, I find it
so shocking and surprising to receive not only one A, but two As out of the three essays we were
assigned. I honestly do feel proud of myself for my writing. Although I did receive an A as a
final grade last semester for English 114A, I did see a lot of improvement in my organization of
ideas and provided deeper and clearer analysis in my papers this semester. When I received my
first A, I couldnt believe it because in high school, my highest grade for an English essay was a
B+, just like in my first semester of college. During this second semester, I was so happy to see I
could finally get an A on an English essay. I reread my A essays to see if it was really that good,
and then I reacted in a shocking way saying to myself, wow, I wrote that. It was then that I
realized my ideas were actually good, provided support, and good analysis to back up my
arguments and support my position. Receiving a good grade like this can actually help me out in
the future because I can have a reference or an example to look back to and say to myself that
this is the way to write an A paper. I really do think I tried my best in both semesters of English
114, and one of the main reasons for this is because my professor was extremely helpful in class
and during office hours. She believed in me and all my aspirations, and I think that is what made
me more open in class discussions and was able to grow out of my comfort zone in my writing.

Banuelos 3
As I reflect on my freshmen year, I can honestly say I grew as a writer and a student in class. I
loved both semesters of English with Professor Azeem.