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Class period length: 50 min

Spring 2015


Student: Samuel Raff


Level: 1

Theme: Food
A.3. Opinions: Students will state personal preferences and feelings
D.2. Cultural activities: Students will participate in and learn about age-appropriate
cultural activities (such as games, songs, and holiday celebrations)
Students will be able to recognize and talk about different foods.
Students will be able to express things they like/dislike.
Materials: Small white boards, markers, erasers, flash cards, small white pieces of paper
Introduction: We are currently learning about the foods in Spanish. The students have a
large vocabulary list with all the food they will need to know but for now they are just focusing
on the fruits and breads because they have a quiz on Wednesday on those two categories.
Previously the students had made their own flashcards with the vocabulary and we will use
those for practicing in class. They are also learning the grammar for how to say things they like
and dont like using the verb gustar.
Before Class: The class is getting a new seating chart today. I will also put the small white
pieces of paper on every desk for the word of the day.
Body: Note: Give est. time for EACH activity
Warm-up: Estudien 7 minutos con las cartas (Study 7 min with flash cards)
Check to see that they made their flash cards for today for homework
while they are studying
7 min
Activity #1:Palabra del da (Word of the day)
One student comes to the board to write the word of the day and then
everyone writes a sentence using the word on the small white piece
of paper for participation points.
5 min

Activity #2: Cartas con todos (flash cards with everyone)

Go through the flashcards from English to Spanish as a class
7 min
Activity #3: Grammar
Review the grammar learned last class period
Present grammar and students take notes
10 min
Activity #4: Las pizarras (the individual boards)
Give directions in Spanish
3 groups call up groups one at a time to take materials
Call out sentences in English for the students to write down in
Spanish on white boards using the new grammar we learned
Group by group return materials
15 min
Closure: Hand out homework and work time.
5 min
Attach this page to the front of your LP 1st draft
Name: Samuel Raff

Spring 2015

Date: 3/23/15

My Lesson plan includes: (You are not necessarily required to follow this suggested format
exactly. You may alter this format, so long as the basic important segments are there.
Place an X by those items that are correct for the LP you are submitting.
I have included these items in the LP document:
__x____ Length of class period

___x___ Language and level

____x__ App. time for each segment/activity

____x__ Standards that are addressed in the plan (from DPI text)
___v___Objectives (from DPI text, ie. C1-Students will .) are included
Check those that apply:
___x___ There was review of previously- learned material

___x___ Lesson included new material. (Students can answer What did I learn today?
__x___ There was practice in which skills: __x__ Listening, _x__ Speaking, ___x__ Reading, _x___ Writing
___x___ There was some Culture content in the lesson
___x___ There were one or more student-centered activities, (students in front of class)
___x___ There were one or more movement activities, (students get out of their seats)
___x___ Students spent a good part of the class speaking without reading from books/worksheets
__x____ Teacher and students used a variety of appealing visuals or other media besides the book

__x___There is a variety of activities/approaches

__x___ Instructions to the students is noted in the TL
__x___ (Sp and Fr only) The activities are explained in Eng for Professor Swanson or the S
instructions are translated to Eng.