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5-E Lesson Plan

Austin Chisam

Topic: Density and Nutrition

Grade/class: 4th
grade science
Emphasis (objective): Explore how density works and the properties of density. Using
an experiment with density to also talk about the nutritional value of foods and drinks.
Standards & Benchmarks addressed: 2.1.1 Observes properties of objects 2.1.3 Observes
and records how one object interacts with another object. 6.1.1 Discusses the nutritional
value of various foods and drinks and their contribution to health.
Materials & Preparation: Milk, bottle of coke, pencil

Engagement: The activities in this section capture the student's attention,

stimulate their thinking and help them access prior knowledge.
Students will at this time watch a short film clip from youtube titled What Is
Density? Students should get a brief overview of the concepts of density. At
this time the experiment of the coke and milk separation will be introduced.

II. Exploration: In this section students are given time to think, plan, investigate, and
organize collected information
At this time students will have an opportunity to explore on the internet the
health facts of coke and milk which are the two involved in the experiment but
they will also explore all different types of drinks and which are healthier than
others. I think this will be good because I can use two things that students
need to know and understand all in one lesson.
III. Explanation: Students are now involved in an analysis of their exploration. Their
understanding is clarified and modified because of reflective activities
Then after the various types of drinks are looked up students should
understand which drink is better and for what reasons each is better. Some
drinks may be equally beneficial while sodas may be completely unhealthy.
Students can also at this time be explained the experiment and will be given
time to give hypothesis and explanation of the hypothesis.

IV. Extension: This section gives students the opportunity to expand and solidify their
understanding of the concept and/or apply it to a real world situation
The experiment involving the water and milk will be performed at this time.
Step 1: Open a fresh new bottle of coke
Step 2: Carefully pour 2% milk into the bottle with the soda until the bottle is
completely full
Step 3: Replace the bottle cap and screw it on tightly
Step 4: Observe the bottle of coke and over the length of time and eventually
the milk settles at the bottom and the soda becomes invisible.
The separation happens because of a reaction between phosphoric acid and
milk. Phosphoric acid molecules attach to the molecules of milk, increasing the
density and separating them from the rest of the liquid. The remaining liquids,
having less density than the phosphoric acid and milk molecules, floats on top.
V. Evaluation Assesses both learning and teaching and can use a wide variety of
informal and formal as assessment strategies.
Students will be given a graphic organizer which will be attached to record
their findings from the different types of drinks. Students will also on the back
of the graphic organizer put down two to three facts that were learned from
the density video shown and also from experiment performed.