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How to deal with new materials

How to deal with architecture materials

Project selection

How to deal with new material

Click on tools add record : fill the materials properties you have

Your material will appear only on maps wher properties have been given

Add a record for the amorphous alloy Vitraloy 1

Name Vitraloy 1
Image copy from file

6100 6200 kg/m3


15 30 euro/kg

Youngs modulus

90 95 GPa

Yield strength

1740 1760 MPa

Fracture toughness

20 50 MPa m1/2

Plot map with yield strength and Youngs modulus for metals and your alloy
Find in the CES help the performance index for springs
Evaluate the new material for this application

How to deal with architecture materials

Click on tools hybrid synthetizer and choose an architecture

It is possible to enter its own formulae

How to deal with architecture materials

Select sandwich, enter values and click on create

What is the performance index

for stiffness design of a beam
with minimal mass (height free) ?
Plot the map and look to the
position of your sandwich

Create the architectural materials with the synthetizer tool

The constitutive material is Co28Cr6Mo Annealed (low carbon)
Compare your values with the table by adding the new materials
In the database