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Poor Woodcutter and His Axe

Once upon a time there was a poor woodcutter. He was very poor but he was
always honest. One hot day, he took his axe and went inside the nearby
forest in search of wood. After searching for a long time, he found one good
tree near a river inside the forest.
Hemm.. this tree is good. I can get lots of firewood
So, the woodcutter started to work.
Swish, swoosh, swish swoosh..

Oh no! As the woodcutter was cutting the woods, his axe slipped from his
hands and fell inside the river. The river was very deep. So he couldn't get
into the water to take his axe out. He started crying.
Oh..oh..what am I going to do?

I have lost my precious axe. Oh dear, oh dear..

Suddenly, a beautiful angel appeared from inside the river water.
Why are crying my dear woodcutter?
She asked.
Oh, I have lost my axenow I wont be able to cut woods anymore.
The woodcutter told her how his axe fell inside the water. The angel went
inside the water and after sometime came out with a golden axe in her
hands. The woodcutter refused to accept that golden axe. The angel again
went inside the water. This time she came out with a silver axe and gave it to
the woodcutter. Again the woodcutter refused saying that his was not a silver
axe. The angel dived into the water. This time she came out with the
woodcutter's iron axe. The woodcutter happily accepted his axe and thanked
the angel. The angel was pleased with his honesty. The angel rewarded the
gold and the silver axes to that woodcutter.
MORAL: Honesy always gets rewarded.