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Raedeena Skrepenski

Professor Petra Strassberg

Integrating Tech into Curriculum 02W
January 30, 2015

Philosophy of Education
Why Do I Want To Teach? I want to teach because learning is my passion. I have always known I
wanted to be a teacher. However, for the longest time I had no clue what subject I wanted to
teach, because all through high school I liked all my classes! I didnt realize until my senior year,
the kind of love I have for English. I love being able to express myself on paper, and share it
with others. I absolutely cannot wait to be able to take my first set of papers home to read , and
critique them, but not only that, maybe one day be able to give students the same passion my
teachers gave me.
Who Am I Going To Teach? Im currently in school working to achieve my bachelors in English
with a concentration on education and a minor in coaching athletics; I want to teach high school
students up until I finish my masters, where I hope to continue on for my doctorate, and one day
teach at a college level. However, if I never do reach my doctorate I will still be very satisfied
with teaching at the high school level. high school is where students start to think about who they
want to be, and I cant wait to help students find their future career in something theyre
passionate about.
Where Am I Going To Teach? I went to school at a small school not too far from campus in a
town called Campbell. Up until this last year I saw myself not only teaching there, but also
coaching underneath my own high school coach. it wasnt until his recent passing that I decided
it would be much too hard for me to return to teach and coach there without seeing him. so for a
little bit I was undecided on where I would want to go from there. That was until my boyfriend
decided to join the military, now I know I for sure want to teach on base, its still similar to a
small school and Ill get to travel the world while doing so.
How Will I Integrate Technology? English is such an easy subject to integrate technology into.
Id use it to not only for research papers but also to type their papers. There are so many different
ways for teachers to integrate technology. To be honest it almost seems impossible to not use it
now days. Some bigger schools like Dallas are actually using things like tablets and ipads as
their actual books! Below I have attached an awesome link for teacher blogs with lots of ideas
not only about bringing technology in the class room, but also fun activities you can do with the

Standard and Competency

Standard I. All teachers use technology-related terms, concepts, data input strategies, and ethical
practices to make informed decisions about current technologies and their applications.
Teacher Knowledge: What All Teachers Know Teachers of Students in Grades EC12
The beginning teacher knows and understands:
1.1k the appropriate use of hardware components, software programs, and their connections;
1.2k data input skills appropriate to the task; and 1.3k laws and issues regarding the use of
technology in society.
Standard III. All teachers use task-appropriate tools to synthesize knowledge, create and modify
solutions, and evaluate results in a way that supports the work of individuals and groups in
problem-solving situations.
Teacher Knowledge: What All Teachers Know Teachers of Students in Grades EC12
The beginning teacher knows and understands:
3.1k how to use appropriate computer-based productivity tools to create and modify solutions to
3.2k how to use research skills and electronic communication to create new knowledge;
3.3k how to use technology applications to facilitate evaluation of work, including both process
and product.
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