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i 12, 13 14, 15 16. 17, 18, 19. 20 Hint For Exams jp elinnaul.car Grow With Us Anra University Exenw January 2014 1 Semester ME-CSE ; Subject Name: CP7L03 Multi Core Architecture ’ Imporant Sixteen Mark Questions Define Amdehl’s Law for Speedup and éesive proce Discuss in detail sbout multicare architecture, Expisin any one case studies of multi core architecture in detail i Explain in detail ebout the SMT and CMP Multicore Architectures q What is multithreading? Discuss different sypes of raultithreading in ogi, Discuss about NVIDIA Graphic Processing Unit Instruction Sei Architectyire In detail How will you detect anil enhance Loop Iavel paralielisin? Disouss abctit, Delage Somputasions Discuss in detail SIMD and vector architecture with neat diagrem. % {Write in detail about SIVID Irstrucsion Set Extension For Atading Yideo add image processing Explain in detail the symmetri¢ shared memory architectures with refereniee to multiprocessor cache coherence problem age Explain in detail the distributed chared memory architec yal fallighcing the direcrory based cache coherence protocol. Substantiale yoarexplagation wih sukiable examples and siate diegrams naa eT ii Explain in detail the memory sect ] ret neat a Discuss the synchronization mechani fog la pi ll! — Explain in details of Warehouse Soale Cyn sri cbitecame with neat diagram Discuss the programming mode|jjard on for wiarshouse scale computers in detail with nevessary diagram iY Discuss the various deploytiénl mode's and service medels o° cloud computing technologies Explain details Infrastructure aiid Capt, of WSC with neat diegram for cooling towers. Discuss in detail about The Dgitdl, Sianel Processor with a neat diagram Discuss the Features and) Réljuireitiants of Einbedded Systerns in detail Explain TMS320C55 Bigitgl’Signal Processor with various pipeline siages Explain in detail on el Multiphacessor or performance equation 2 rat of 16 marks Problems Can Be Asked In Uri No:1 Amdahl’s law, CPU Performance aquaticn; Cost ofa die. Sem Problem Will Be esked Whatever you have in your prescribed book 2 taatkor 16 marics Problems con be askec in Unit No: 4, for calculating average memory latengy Please Do Not Copy And Makes Copies in other Websites, if You respect Our Work ~ Thank You eee i rejinpaulcamn wt. Grow with Us Important Two Mask Questions Define speedup? 1 2. Differentiate between TLP and RLP 3. What is the principle of locality? 4. Differentiate desktop, Embodded and server computers? 5. List the classes of Computers? 6. Define the Amdahl’ Law? 7, What isthe difference between the Data level Parallelism (DLP) and Thread devel Parallelism(TLP) 8. Whet is multithreading 9. Discuss Flyan’s taxonomy? 10, Write about vector length register? 11, Define chaining and Chime i 12. Write about vector Mask register " 13, What you mean by Strip mining 14, State the difference betiweea multimedia SIMD and GPUS,» 15, Give the taxonomy of parellel architectures t 16, What is a thread? Explain thread level parallelism 17, What i multiprocessor Caches (Zaharance, 18, What is cache consistency?) (5 19, What is write serialization? 20, What are spin locks’? nee 21, What are locel node, home née ei semote} ue 22. What are write invalidate:ttad fi a Brotocdls? 23, What are spin locks’? 24. Define Warchouse-Seale C 25. What is Cloud Computii 26. Define oversubscriptio 7. write ebout mapreduce i 28. Differentiate Hard real ist system aad soft realtime systems. 29. what is embedded multiprocessors 30. Name Some digital signal processing algoritaras? 31, what,is Multipath fading 2. Whiat do atiean by Digital Signal Processor? 33. What is embedded systems? gry La | Mine avarytnin® nae PND ROU Goer es tre cone mtv genta CUE tye Rests Please Do Not Copy And Makes Copies in other Websites, If You respact Our Work ~ Thank You