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Robert C Proctor


Capital: Lisbon

Religion & Language

Religion: Roman Catholic accounts for the
majority of the population, with protestants and
non religious accounting for the second and
third largest religious identifications.

Language: Portuguese is the official language.

Pena National Palace

Located in Sintra, Portugal.
Made in 9th century, consists of a palace, forest
of rare trees, and gardens.

Vasco da Gama Bridge

The longest bridge in Europe
contains six lanes and was built in

Over 11 miles long(Baltimore Harbor

tunnel is 1.43 miles)

Fresh and salted Fish and seafood

combine with a variety of spices to
produce a diverse and delicious
national cuisine.

Portuguese cuisine
reflects the countrys
history as a center for
trade and exploration.
(Myers, D)

Portugal used to be a great sea power, but now
it is just a sleepy agriculture nation. (Myers, D)

The best way to experience Portugal and the

Portuguese lifestyle is through your taste buds.
(Myers, D)

The Evil Eye The evil eye is brought about
by envy, jealous, greed, or covetousness.
(Myers, D)

Devil The Portuguese believed in the devil as

represented in the form of a dragon, a serpent,
or a deformed angel with horns on its head.
(Myers, D)

Hand Gestures/ Nonverbal

When meeting friends, men embrace and pat
one another on the back, and women kiss both

Never point with your finger.

Beckon someone with the palm of your hand
down and fingers or whole hand waving (as
patting someone on the head). (Myers, D)

Business Etiquette
It is impolite to point at people or objects.
Instead, one should use a circular motion with
an open hand to indicate someone or
something (Myers, D)

It is considered unacceptable to walk around

the streets in shorts or bikini tops. (Myers, D)

Relationship Building
..initiate contact via a well-respected third
party who will make introductions and assist
with the initial stages of the relationship.
(Myers, D)

Building quality business relationships will

require significant time and effort.

Communication Styles in Decision Making

Portugal decisions are not reached at meetings,
but made privately (Myers, D)

This culture reflects a lot of aspects of western


Power Structures in Decision Making

The Portuguese maintain a hierarchical culture
that respects age and position (Myers, D)

This culture values the wisdom attained through

experiencing life.

body language
Stand two to three feet apart apart when
conversing and maintain eye contact at all times
to convey sincerity and trustworthiness.
(Myers, D)

Very similar to American attentiveness.

However, pointing is not acceptable in business

communication styles
Maintaining eye contact at all times is
imperative (Myers, D)

The need for directed focus on the others

involved in communication is similar to western

Criticism is not publicly acceptable, even in

constructive criticism situations.

power structures
Decisions will most likely be made by the
company's most senior member(s). (Myers, D)

Rank and seniority are staples in Portuguese

power structures.

This is the opposite of the dispersed democratic

system in America.

Does relate to certain social customs that

respect experience.

Internet penetration rate and most popular social

network sites in the country.

The most popular Social network sites

consist of Facebook and other sites that
focus on displaying news and functioning
as a search engine as well.

Penetration rate Was 48% in 2010.

The collectivism of the Portuguese is exemplified
for their calm demeanor that focuses on strong
relationships over fortune.

Collectivist societies people belong to in groups

that take care of them in exchange for loyalty.

Small Power Distance

The almost Socialistic society that is present in

Portugal clearly represents an openly excepted a
small power distance.

Strong Uncertainty Avoidance

The relaxed behavior and lifestyle of the
Portuguese are distant from the strict set of
traditions that are essential to their culture.

Masculinity Versus Femininity

The relatively low masculinity score reflects the
calm and never rushed business behavior
present in Portuguese culture.

Valuing experience over wealth.

Individualism Versus Collectivism

The United States was four times more
Individualistic than Portugal.

Reflects the dramatic difference from the

capitalistic societies and their cut throat

Large or Small Power Distance

The significantly lower Power distance of the
United States closely correlates to its extreme
inequality in wealth distribution and access to

Strong or Weak Uncertainty Avoidance

The strictly enforced traditionalistic Portuguese
greatly differ from the relatively open minded

The rapid legislative and social changes present

in the United States exemplify their liberal

Masculinity Versus Femininity

The United States was significantly more
aggressive and masculine.

While the Portuguese would rather preserve

their lifestyle and its moral foundations.

Current Events
Tax untouchables revealed Corruption in the
taxation system is being aggressively pursued,
as this moralistic society values justice and to
some extent equality.

Portuguese woman takes on Ryanair over job

dispute As a women takes legislative action
against a company attempting to deny
mandated employment flexibility.

Shows the progress side of Portugal, as it

respects women tremendously.

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Portugal Internet Usage, Population and Telecommunications Report

(Portugal Internet Usage, Population and Telecommunications Report)