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Frances Mejia

AP Language
Mr. Oakes
Jr. Achievement Essay
Social entrepreneurs will do more impact on the United States than Business
entrepreneurs will do in the next decade. Social entrepreneurs focus on discovering and then
solving social problems based on a large population. For social entrepreneurs everything is
taken on a different level of view because they are the ones who take every opportunity to
find a credible solution for an impact to society.
When faced with the odds of all at risk, a social entrepreneur will need determination
and persistency to finding new ways to improve societies. Opposed to business entrepreneurs
where they are the ones creating the bigger picture such as industries to cause change. Our
country needs to treat entrepreneurs with importance because the way they are seen in the
United States, but especially in our society will affect our economic reality.
Part of the growth of the economy is from the work overall that these entrepreneurs
do to solve problems. For business entrepreneurs to succeed, they need to have a successful
business to start and without a successful business it will take time to make a business rise to
its peak. A social entrepreneurs work is directly associated to going to speak with individual
businesses or even team started businesses. The awareness social entrepreneurs receive from
large organizations is when we start to see social entrepreneurs coming into play.
For business entrepreneurs, it is a different story because they are given more
awareness compared to social entrepreneurs who need the help of business entrepreneurs to
give them this boost. This doesnt give business entrepreneurs the lead in improving the
United States. Social entrepreneurs are seen as a foundation, by going out and taking every
opportunity no matter how much information given. This constant persistency for work and
searching markets for improvement is what will make the United States more efficient. As

seen in small companies over two-thirds of new jobs were created giving extra opportunities
for people to gain jobs will sure improve the United States in the next decade because the
amount of people in poverty and jobless is an over exceeded population. Every day each and
every one of us have a goal to get better than where we were the day before. Their
achievements move them forward to be more and more successful. Social entrepreneurs are
the people who effect a change in culture by creating new technology, turning innovation into
products that will improve our market.
Today social entrepreneurs are receiving recognition from supporters which allows
them to continue their vision they see and turn it into reality. Usually people need to see
something to believe but social entrepreneurs believe something to see it. The point of
supporting the social entrepreneurs is to create a movement. The more local the field of
social entrepreneurs becomes then it is easier to go up to national then to a global change. To
begin to see change in the next decade, it starts with a simple idea and have it become into a
movement. Right now it is important to create this change from the positions people are in
now so that the generation to come in the future will be in a better position. Social
entrepreneurs are not given the best access to the capital and other systems of the main
market, but can become skilled in gaining finical, political and human resources.
Our government hasn't fully been providing the necessary services we need such as the
problems of educational opportunity, childrens health, housing. climate change. What people
are doing now in a social view is not adding up to what should be done. In a decade,the
smaller steps of success happening now by social entrepreneurs build to a step up into a
bigger success.
Social entrepreneurs are tackling problems all over the world such as in Bunker Roys
Bear Foot College in India which provides students classes to build and install solar technology
(. This is just the type of thing that shows how efficient social entrepreneurs have gotten.

Social Entrepreneurs all over the world from Africa to India to the United States and further
are seeing what is wrong in their community and have it turn into an innovation that not only
helps them but helps hundreds of people. The major differences between a social
entrepreneurs position now and 15 years ago is that they are not alone anymore, they are not
in the same circumstances as they once were but are receiving support from sponsors and
supporters to prove how critical they are.
The biggest obstacle that can come in contact with social entrepreneurs is money.
Everyone knows that money is such a vital aspect of everything. Recently having the
government shutdown doesn't help as well, no one wants something as bad as that was to
happen again. Profit is something you can get from a passion to improve your community but
also turn it into a business.
You can describe Social entrepreneurs as ambitious. Today topics such as entrance into
college, rate of low income students, and the fight against poverty are becoming high
increased and many social entrepreneurs dealing with these social problems right now in
todays world. Social Entrepreneurs are mission driven, for they are not driven for wealthy
purposes but are driven to find a systems social change. Social entrepreneurs are strategic.
They don't miss the opportunities others dont see, by approaching it and finding a solution to
have a social value. Social entrepreneurs are resourceful, and who wouldnt want to have
someone working with their limited resources? Most of all social entrepreneurs are result
orientated, so not only are they having realties transformed ,but open new pathways for
those who need that will power to start their lives.
By this time in ten years social entrepreneurs will already have their visions change
the world by becoming a reality. These goals even work their way down to even local
neighbors and communities. Social entrepreneurs are just the type of people needed who
never give up and just continue to push forward. Social entrepreneurs can be seen as charity
workers in a sense. For they are not focusing on the wealth but of the social change that can

be created from social problems. Social entrepreneurs will be very successful for they a
blooming in the United States let alone will make it better in the decade to come.
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