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Phillip Lin
Block 5
AP Euro
Capitalism Bad
Capitalism imposes major problems in the status quo. It presents three major problems.
The fact that capitalism is driven by self-interest or greed, many players in the capitalistic
economy are selfish. They think only on what benefits themselves. Another major issue that is
apparent in capitalism is that it does not give everyone an equal chance like it says it does.
People are born into rich families and never have to work their whole lives or are just set up
better for success without undertaking any actions prior. The final problem that a capitalistic
economy faces is the fact that only a select few will succeed in this type of economy. Capitalism
is a failed system that perpetuates greed, inequality, and success for the few.
Capitalism is a type of economy focused on self-interest. The mindset of a citizen
partaking in capitalism is seeking the largest profit for oneself. They will not be considering the
good of others, the environment, or even anything else, but themselves. This fuels a self-centered
society where people are only thinking for themselves. For example, oil industries are fueled by
the incentive to make lots of money. To follow the environment regulations would result in a
smaller profit margins, so they are often disregarded and the environment suffers because of it.
This shows how a greedy company makes their profits.

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Another issue that supposedly makes capitalism unique, is the equality it claims to
bring. The basis of this argument is that anyone can make it big in a capitalistic economy, but it
is quite the contrary. In todays society, someone that has an education is far more likely to
succeed than one that does not. Education comes at a price and it does not favor the poor. No
matter how hard you work, there is only so much one can do without an education. It is not fair
to those born into a family in poverty to accept this fate.
The most apparent problem with capitalism, is that only an inadequate amount of people
succeed. A system that benefits only the few is a failed system and needs to be reformed. The
success of a country is based off how well the majority of the people are doing, not just the select
few. Also capitalism allows for an endless loop that makes the rich richer while making the poor
poorer. Capitalism permits the rich to maintain their dominance on the poor through this endless
Capitalism is a failed economic policy. It does not advocate for equality because of the
way it has created the social structure. Also, capitalism does not benefit the majority, only the top
5%. Many people are facing the consequences of this failed economic policy and is living under
the poverty line because of it. Greed is a major aspect in capitalism which is why this system
does not work. Capitalism advocates a self-centered society and only success of the few and