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Fatma (Akyz) Kulengir- 2010554005- 4iC

Your practicum experience

Your name & e-mail:
Please answer the following questions, which relate to your
practicum experience in detail and send it to them by MONDAY,
the latest. Thank you. Please use a different colour in your
answers (Blue etc). You can use the space and extra space

The name of your practicum school: Is it:

High school:
The grade/s you carried you your practicum this term:
Personal Experience of Practicum
1. Describe in general terms your experience of the practicum from a
personal development perspective?
2. Your place in the community of teachers?
3. Development opportunities offered? Please illustrate with examples.
4. Did your experience help you question your beliefs about teaching?
Please explain what where your beliefs towards teaching English at the
beginning of your practicum. Now that you have finished the practicum
have your beliefs changed? Please give specific examples.

5. Your approach to teaching change? Please explain in detail giving


6. Respected by teachers at school?

7. Emotionally supported by mentor or other teachers? Was this an
expectation on your part?
8. What were the factors that prompted your responses?
o What would you have preferred to see?

Fatma (Akyz) Kulengir- 2010554005- 4iC

Performance of Mentor
1. Were happy with the mentors observation, feedback, resources,
assessment, checking your lesson goals, and conversation, constructive
feedback? Please explain in detail.
2. What were the areas you were less positive about the mentors work?
3. Was your mentor provided with opportunities for professional
development? Was this evident, or something you discussed? What
kind of professional development opportunities?
4. Were the mentors skills in need of development, do you feel?
o If so, in what way?
o If not, which skills did you most appreciate?

Performance of the School

1. Did connections to the school happen?. Why? And how did you feel
about this?
2. Were the school director / assistant director helpful towards you?
3. What would you have preferred?
4. Did you have adequate conversations with teachers about professional
practice? Why was this?

1. What aspects of the mentorship program would you develop for your
friends of the future?

2. Do you now feel confidently equipped to teach in a school?

3. Should mentoring continue once in the workplace (in-service), do you

a. What form might it take?
4. Any other comments which could be helpful in improving mentoring, or
in assisting future colleagues?

Fatma (Akyz) Kulengir- 2010554005- 4iC