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From: Rosalina Nava <mava@lasuper{orcourt.

Date: Tue, Jun 17,2074 at 8:42 AM
Subject Re: People v. Kelley Lynch Case No. 2C404539-01
To : kelley.lyn ch.20 O@gmail. com


I was off for

a couple

of days. Just got to work. I will look up those notes and get back to you.

Thank you

> Kelley Lynch <kellelz.iynch.20 1 O@gmail.com>



/ 1, 4 1 :57 PM > > >


I would appreciate hearing from you. It has taken me over two years
to obtain yout contact information and I need this ftanscript. If you
could also ptovide me with a cost esfimate, I would appreciate that.
Kelley Lynch

On 6 / 13 / 14, Kellev Lynch <kelley.l),nch.20 1 0@gmail.com) wrote:

> Hello Rosalina,

> I left a'message on your voicemail. I would like to order a

) transcript of a hearing held on March 23,2012 beforeJudge Samuel

Mayetson. This was a bail hearing.


I have had an outrageous time attempting to find out who can assist me
here. Part of that has to do with the fact that the Court Reportet's
office repeatedly advised me that I need a departrnent number. Judge
Mayerson tetired and I-A Superiot Cour-t canriot provide me with that
information. I have also been advised that misdemeanor hearings are
electronically recorded and there are no tanscripts and parties are
not entided to the recordings, there are no ffanscr{pts, etc.




> Today, I was advised by I-A Superior Court that you were the court
) teportet on duty the day of the headng. S7ou1d you let me know how
> if it is possible - I may order a tanscdpt.
> Thank you,
> I(elley Lynch