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Pree Cosag. Ress lage Zoor TECHNICAL STANDARDS FOR GATES AND PENSTOCKS HYDRAULIC GATE AND PENSTOCK ASSOCIATION Itis sincerely hoped that the recently revised edition will serve the pur- pose of assisting those engineers who are engaged in construction and administration of hydraulic gates and penstocks overseas. Chairman of the Technical Committee Hydraulic Gate and Penstock Association INTRODUCTION ‘As of 1986, Japan, with its hydraulic generating capacity of 35,700 MW in 1646 locations, ranked fourth inthe world following the United States, the Soviet Union and Canada. The hydraulic power generation capacity ‘occupies approximately 20% of the total power generating facilities of 173,800 MW which includes thermal power plants and nuclear power plants. Therefore, it plays an important role as a precious domestic ener- ay supply source. In addition, more power plant construction projects cen- tering around a large-capacity and high head pumped storage power plant have been making progress in recent years. Seventy eight power plants capable of generating a total power of 9,580 MW have been completed since 1976. In connection with the construction of these pumped storage power plants, a variety of new technologies have been introduced in the field ‘of steel penstocks and gates in order to cope with the technical difficul- ties stemming from the large capacity and the high head. In order to publicize Japan’s technical standards for hydraulic gates and penstocks to the whole world, the Hydraulic Gate and Penstock As- sociation published “Technical Standards for Gates and Penstocks” (English version) in 1971. On the basis of the technical results as men- tioned above, the Technical Standards for Gates and Penstocks (Japanese version) was revised in 1981 and therefore “Technical Standards for Gates and Penstocks” (English version) has also been revised. ‘The Hydraulic Gate and Penstock Association was established in 1949 as a foundational juridical person with the participation as regular members of the hydraulic gates and penstocks manufacturers and the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITD, the Construction Ministry, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Water Resources Development Corporation, nine major power companies, the Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. and a number of well respected experts as supporting members. Since its foundation, this association has ‘been making contributions to advancements in the hydraulic gate and pen- stock industries with the mutual cooperation of the government agencies and the commercial enterprises. Therefore, the Technical Standards for Gates and Penstocks established by this association are extremely autho- ritative in Japan