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Harry Chen

Hans Huang
Introduction to Culture Studies
In this chapter, Chen examines the statements of Club 51 and
their desires of becoming 51st state of America as an approach to
analyze the Americanization and imperialism in Taiwan. Although
after reading the statements of Club 51 many people might jump to
moral judgments and find it ridiculous, Chen, however, sees the
desire of being a part of America as an underlying Taiwanese
subjectivity and it is too deep and complicated to be even publically
and easily spoken of. However, by looking into certain events, its
not difficult to notice that we are already deeply tied with America
and influenced by its cultural colonialism. Even though we might
feel uneasy reading the statement of Club 51, we can still
understand the reason and underlying notion of their assertion.
As Chen points out in the article that Club 51s claim is based on
the cold war sensibility, and the fear of being taken over by China.
Moreover, the statement of Club 51 also shows the reality that
Taiwan can never be independent without help of America. But since
we so much emphasize the independence politically, we have to
also avoid admitting that we are under the American protectorate.
At the end of its statement, it clearly states that if China is a free,
democratic, universally prosperous, happy land on earth while
America is the opposite, then Taiwan will be willing to choose China
over America. The logic behind its statement shows the importance
of economic success to selecting national belonging.
Following, Chen examines the situation among other countries
in the East Asia and hope to see more examination on deimperialization and de-colonialisation. Also, he points out that deimperialization and decolonization cannot be done by only the
colonial country but also colonizer. Chen suggests that the only way
for Asia to de-imperialization is to reexamine the western imperialist
invasion, Japanese colonial violence, and U.S. neo-imperialist
expansion, but also include the oppressive practices of the Chinese
empire. Further, by looking into Japans situation, Chen finds that
due to overly rely on America; Japan is not able to be an
independent country. However, he imagines that Asia country can
create a whole future without imperialism but helping the weak and
establish an independent Asia subjectivity.