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[Page 1 of 2] [New York State Board of Law Examiners Corporate Paza ~ Building 3 254 Washington Avenue Extension ‘Albany, NY 12203-5195, ‘SPECIMEN OF APPLICANT'S HANDWRITING. Name Prin) ‘BOLE ID Wor Social Security Number (THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH IS TO BE COPIED BY THE APPLICANT IN HIS OR HER USUAL HANDWRITING IN THE SPACE PROVIDED BEFORE THE SIGNATURE LINE.) Each applicant shal ik one sheet containing a copy ofthis paragraph inthe usual handwriting of the applicant and bearing his or her signature atthe end thereof, ‘and containing a cerication by an appropriate offical ofthe law school, or a ‘Notary Public, as described on the reverse side of this form, (Applicant's Signature) (A) This is to cenify that the foregoing, was written and signed by the above named applicant in my presence. oR (B) This is to certify thatthe foregoing has been compared withthe applicant's handwriting in the records ofthis school and is believed tobe the same. (Signature) Tithe