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Classroom Management Philosophy

I believe it is imperative to have control of student behaviour as the ability to manage a
classroom is critical to the enhancement of learning for all students. It is the teachers
responsibility to ensure a positive and safe learning environment. I feel classes should be student
focused and designed based on the best interest of the students. For a teacher it is critical to keep
students engaged in striving for curriculum outcomes as they work through, discuss and interact
with both the teacher and peers. Without establishing this positive type of engagement students
will lose interest and feel unsupported in their learning. Teachers have a significant effect on the
lives and future of students. Therefore, it is important to always focus on ways to provide
supportive and meaningful learning for all. Below I have highlighted four key areas of which I
feel have a significant impact on a students educational experience.
Teacher Student Relationship
I feel the teacher student relationship is one of the most important factors affecting
classroom management. This therapeutic relationship needs to be established at the beginning of
the year before any chance of conflict arises. As conflict may negatively impact the rest of the
year and hinder the students willingness and openness to learn from the teacher. I believe the
foundation of this relationship should be trust. At the beginning of each class, I will greet my
students as they walk into the classroom. I also feel it is critical to have informal conversations
with students to build a relationship. This can be done before class, after class or during other
non-instructional times in the school day. It is important to talk to students not only about their
work but also about things that interest them outside of school. For example, if they play on the
hockey team, ask them how their game went. This allows for a connection with the student on a
person level and strengthens the relationship in the classroom. I feel classes should be student


focused and the goal needs to be for each student to gain the confidence to reach their fullest
potential. I will express interest in each students work and always consider their input and
contribution as I believe this is important in the learning process. Spending time to build positive
relationships will assist in decreasing power struggles within the classroom. I feel patience,
consideration and flexibility are key characteristics to demonstrate when working with students.
However, combining this with solid classroom management is imperative. A teacher needs to
enhance opportunities for learning, set clear expectations for behaviour, offer respect and instill
students with a sense of pride and ownership in their work. These conditions certainly lead to
the establishment of a positive learning environment.
Classroom Rules and Procedures
I feel at the beginning of the year, classroom rules and procedures will be collaboratively
discussed. Co-creating is a valuable strategy for building strong commitment. I feel students
ideas should be considered when establishing rules, this in turn will decrease the student
teacher power struggle. When students help build the list of acceptable behaviours and
procedures to follow they feel they have had a say in establishing their learning environment and
then feel more accountable to it. As a teacher I feel it is important to show them I value their
input and contribution. By discussing and co-creating the rules of the classroom and procedures
for class I will be challenging students to design a positive learning environment that works for
everyone. If students disagree with any rules or each others points of view, I feel its important
to allow for more discussion, to hear rational and purpose behind the suggestion. I will be
guiding and assisting them to go in a positive direction. Together we will develop a set of rules
and procedures that everyone can live with and work within. This may take a bit of time but it is
time well spent as the students shared in the creation therefore will be more likely to accept


rather than challenge as the year goes on. As the teacher I believe my role is to model, reinforce
and remind students to live within the guidelines set.
Physical Environment
I believe the physical design and layout of a classroom influences student learning and
behaviour. A classroom environment needs to promote safe learning and create a sense of
community. I feel every classroom should enhance the feeling of belonging, personal identity
and inspiration for every student. The classroom design and environment should be student
focused. At the beginning of the year, students will be allowed to add personal touches to the
walls and contribute ideas and themes to represent themselves. I feel this will strengthen the
unity within the room. The classroom should also be a place where student accomplishments are
recognized and displayed. Best work completed by students will be recognized (with approval of
the student) and displayed on the walls for the school community to see. This in return will allow
the students to feel a sense of accomplishment and take pride in their work. The arrangements of
desks will vary depending on the teaching method and type of learning needed for the group of
students. For example, if the outcome involves group discussions, desks will be arranged so
every student can see each other and engage in student-student dialogue. During tests and
individual assignments desks may be separated to allow students to focus without distractions.
For the majority of the time, student collaboration will be encouraged and desks will be grouped.
I feel group collaboration and discussions are an important factor in student learning. By
allowing students to contribute with the organization of desks, learning space, classroom
decorations and allowing them to add personal detail, students will feel a sense of ownership and
belonging. I also feel this will contribute to students feeling a sense of security in the classroom
which is helpful for enhancing the learning environment. I believe creating a welcoming learning


space is the teachers responsibility and benefits all students. It certainly will help establish a
positive learning environment which promotes growth, creativity and success.
Rewards and Discipline
I believe in being a proactive teacher and trying to prevent conflict before it happens. As
previously mentioned I feel creating a relationship with the students and being able to recognize
potential conflict before it happens is of the utmost importance. Although, I do recognize there
are going to be times when inappropriate things happen and consequences are needed. I feel
when deciding on consequences it is helpful to know the student on a personal level and
understand their educational needs. I believe consequences should be created on an individual
bases and have an impact on changing the poor or inappropriate behaviour. While saying this it
is extremely important to always keep the best interest of the student in mind, learning from their
mistake is key to improving the behaviour for the future. Also, it is important to be consistent
when dealing with behaviour as ignoring misconduct once or twice and then addressing it on the
third occasion is sending the wrong message. I also believe when talking to students about their
poor behaviour it is important to use positive language such as I need you to. This will help
the student see that you are trying to work with them and help them. A teacher should always be
encouraging and providing the more positive approach to help the student do better. I feel as a
teacher it is important to collaborate with the student in order to identify the root of the
behaviour. At times this may take longer but I feel it will help in the long term and allow the
teacher to connect with the student on a person level.
I do not believe in tangible rewards in the classroom as students will often complete the
required task for the reward instead of for their own the sense of accomplishment. Also, if a
student is promised a reward for the task and they do not complete it, than they experience

complete failure as other students receive the reward. My goal is to get students to develop
enough confidence and internal motivation to succeed for their own benefit. I feel positive
reinforcement through verbal interaction and trying to create the feeling of accomplishment in
the student is a powerful motivator. I truly believe in encouraging and supporting students to
perform to the best of their potential.
Teachers should use classroom management styles which best fit their personality and
match their teaching style. Teachers every year also need to consider the dynamics of the
students and the classroom and adapt the teaching style to what best fits the students.