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BENEFITS OF JOINING THE CORPS OF PROFESSORS, AFP + Minimum starting annual pay and allowances (as Probationary 211) of PhP 415,000.00 + Commissioned as Regular Officer (Captain) with an annual pay and allowances of PAP 625,000.00 + Allowances include clothing, hazard pay, laundry allowance, te + Medical and dental benefits for you and your family + Housing Privilege + Commissary Access + Financial Assistance/Insurance Pension and Retirement Benefits Educational Assistance (Local and Abroad) + Continuous military career and professional advancement Join Us! GENERAL HEADQUARTERS ARVED FORCES OF THE PHILIPPINES (OFFICE OF THE DEAN, CORPS OF PROFESSORS Roan 108, or AFP COS Bulng “General sar Erm Avene ‘cong Gera Ema Agni, Guezon Cay (OPT RONNEL R ALMAZAN COP REGRUTHENT OFFICER. Me 74 3270 tar: 62 1 0800 fe 00 884 728 nat eentnentceogemalcan ‘CORPS OF PROFESSORS [ARMED FORCES OF THE PHILIPPINES EDUCATING LEADERS! “ teacher affects eternity; his influence never stops.” + Hamp dans (08381918) ROLES vaetors Instructor INITIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR Course Director ‘APPOINTMENT IN THE By the year 2015, the Corps of Curriculum Developer ‘CORPS OF PROFESSORS, AFP Professors, AFP shall evolve Mentor into a dynamic group of + Application letter stating the intent to join the Corps of oe ‘ Professors and the academic liscipline the applicant intends educational leaders with ACADEMIC DISCIPLINES, 657/00 te apptiant in relevant expertise, committed AND TAUGHT + Summary of Information to the service of a modern . pe Phlosophny (Military Applicant) /Resume Armed Forces of the { Enginethg Pipa eae eee Philippines. fay Pel + Transcript of Records of Under- * + Environmental + Political Science Graduate and Graduate studios 5 Palas , . Sociology ow MISSION + Humanities Socal and {Information Development To serve as the core of Technology Studies professional military educators + Law + Public that provide the academic Liat ‘Administration Management «Statistics and technical exper Mathematics required by the Armed Forces of the Philippines,